Monday, March 11, 2013

Waste Not Want Not and NO Waist

I'm up a pound this morning and feel yucky! What's that about? The weather is warming and that makes it a great time to get back outside and walk. I find it easier to exercise when it actually involves doing something, like walking. It's harder for me to watch a dvd every day and move along with it than it is to get out and walk and think and observe the beauty of the world. So, that's the current plan, WALK....and I hope I can walk off a few pounds! As for where that extra one I gained came from, I'm blaming cheese. I've read that a little bit of cheese is a good thing on a diet but there is always the case of too much of a good thing and that was the case with me yesterday. I was here alone and working on the computer which always occupies my mind until my stomach start growling and I grab the first convenient food in the frig to fill it. I have other healthy food here; I have to start remembering them before I have a garbage can full of waste and a waist the size of a garbage can!

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