Saturday, April 6, 2013

Honesty, Always the Best Policy

Being honest with yourself......I've mentioned before that I belong to a site called, Me and You, Daily Health Challenge. I've made some good, supportive friends on there. Many of them have been following me on my latest effort to change my life/lifestyle to one that is better and healthier. I have to admit, these changes I've made in just the last week seem to be working! I feel better than I have in ages. In fact, I feel as good as I did twenty years ago! I look in the mirror and I wonder who that old woman is because the young woman looking at her feels at least half that age. Still, I'm only a week in and I've had more than a few stumbles already, illness and giving in to tempting foods. I keep moving forward but a friend pointed something out this morning that I really need to take to heart. She said that when I do slip and eat something that I know I shouldn't, I should still journal about that food so that I'm learning from my mistakes, not ignoring them. I guess even wolfing down a few handfuls of chocolate candy can't be a complete mistake as long as it teaches you a lesson.....which is, do not repeat this because it is not worth it. So, as much as I don't want to, I will be writing down the chocolate I had after my morning exercise. It will be written in stone really because it will be in my online journal and we all know, once you put something out on the internet, it is virtually impossible to get it back.

Wednesday, I was sick and didn't walk. I don't know what brought it on. Steve speculated that maybe it was just my body adjusting to me suddenly throwing it into exercise after years of being sedentary. Maybe he was right because yesterday, I was ready and enthused about getting back out there for my twice daily mile (good starting point for me.) My plans were thrown off track by a naughty horse who had gotten out into the young, green grass of the hayfield over night and appeared to be paying for it. I was worried that he had colic. After several frantic calls to my vet and a day spent sitting in the sunshine (that part was nice) watching him, he appears to be okay. He will however be on meds for the next few days to ensure he doesn't founder....and as a sweet, little form of punishment....insert wicked laugh here.

I did walk last night and Steve joined me. I'm proud of both of us. I also ran part of that...Steve did not join me but he eventually caught up with me. I was out there walking again this morning, trying out a new-old pair of cross country shoes that I'd forgotten about having in my closet. I did not run because the shoes, that I got for mountain biking years ago and just in case, I blew a tire and had to walk out of wilderness trails that we rode on, appear to need new arches. I have a very high arch and the first thing I did this morning was strain one of them. So, no running but I will start again as soon as I get new arches for those shoes. I was proud of my pace this morning which now makes me really regret that chocolate that totally added back the calories I burned. Like I said though, lesson learned....don't sabotage your good efforts!

And's DHC challenge was all about foods that are good for your bones. Read on:

Food and Your Bones

The food that you eat can affect your bones. Learning about the foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients that are important for your bone health and overall health will help you make healthier food choices every day. Use the chart below for examples of the different types of food you should be eating every day.
If you eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of dairy, fish, fruits and vegetables, you should get enough of the nutrients you need every day, but if you're not getting the recommended amount from food alone, you may need to complement your diet by taking multivitamins or supplements.  

Good-for-Your-Bones Foods

Dairy products such as low-fat and non-fat milk, yogurt and cheese
Calcium. Some dairy products are fortified with Vitamin D.

Canned sardines and salmon (with bones)
Fatty varieties such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines
Vitamin D
Fruits and vegetables

Collard greens, turnip greens, kale, okra, Chinese cabbage, dandelion greens, mustard greens and broccoli.
Spinach, beet greens, okra, tomato products, artichokes, plantains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, collard greens and raisins.
Tomato products, raisins, potatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, papaya, oranges, orange juice, bananas, plantains and prunes.
Red peppers, green peppers, oranges, grapefruits, broccoli, strawberries, brussels sprouts, papaya and pineapples.
Vitamin C
Dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, collard greens, spinach, mustard greens, turnip greens and brussel sprouts. 
Vitamin K
Fortified Foods 
Calcium and vitamin D are sometimes added to certain brands of juices, breakfast foods, soy milk, rice milk, cereals, snacks and breads.
Calcium, Vitamin D

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