Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hope It's Not a Fluke!

True, my scale has been malfunctioning lately. I do have a new one on order which should arrive tomorrow and then I can check to see if my reading this morning was right. Until then, I am going to celebrate the nearly FIVE pound loss that the old, faulty scale showed this morning. I'm hoping that it isn't just a faulty scale and that the pointer is finally going in the right direction....down! I have been very good this week or rather this month since I started my new healthier lifestyle on April 1st. I've started monitoring what I eat, gave up the diet Dr Peppers over a week ago (that one still hurts), and I'm trying to get at least 30 minutes of walking in a day as well as walking instead of driving across the pasture to care for the horses twice a day. Add in the coconut oil I started using two weeks ago and the probiotic a week ago and I'm honestly feeling better than I have in ages. I'm enthusiastic about life again and I truly feel that I can reach my goals. Maybe I'll never be a size four again but I'm going to be more energetic, more productive and happier than I've been in a long while. I think that translates to a win-win whether I've actually lost the five pounds or not....but again, I hope I have. :D
 This cartoon is cute but still very true. I'm facing quite a few of these lately not only with my healthy life style changes and attempts to lose weight and get fit again but also with my career. There is a relative who continually undermines my confidence. I don't know whether it is intentional or not. My husband keeps telling me to stop telling her my plans and instead just do and then let her know once I accomplish my goals. I'm reminded of something I told a friend who kept seeking her mother's approval and support, "Stop going there trying to quench your thirst because that well is dry." I know that my relative probably has the best intentions and her attempts to tear down my confidence is because she has none herself but I wonder what makes us keep seeking certain people's approval when we know too well from experience they're never going to give us what we want.
 I'm doing my best to do this. Yesterday, my nutrition report told me that I didn't get enough healthy carbs but today, I exceeded the amount desired or required....go figure, ha. I am just starting it will take a while before I learn how to balance my meals better.

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