Saturday, April 27, 2013

In the past two weeks, I've lost two good friends, have found out that two others will soon be gone and got the devastating news that my best friend since childhood, the person who has always been more like a sister to me than my own sisters, is dying. I can't talk about any of this in depth because it is still far too overwhelming but I can say that in the past two weeks, there have been many blessings, too. My cyber-bro, Gary, came through a very dangerous surgery, nearly died from complications afterwards but now, a week later, he is thriving and feels better and is in better health than he's been in years. I saw a photo of my dearest friend, Huston Jenkins, driving his tractor, mowing his fields. That is amazing not only because Huston just had his 89th birthday but because the past year and a half he has so many health problems from heart surgery that the doctors said he most likely wouldn't live through to a major stroke that they said he wouldn't recover from and then more surgery to repair a broken hip. Yet, he keeps going. He is such a strong person, such a wonderful man. It should be obvious why I love and respect him so much. Then today, a friend I've been concerned about for a long time, someone who has been through her own extreme trials over the last few years, called me. I've been trying to reach her forever but always got voice mail. It was a joy to hear her voice and despite the fact that so many of her problems are ongoing ones, to hear a lighter voice from her. Loss is so extremely hard but life is still good, it is still precious and if there is a lesson in grief, it is to embrace and hold precious every moment, every breath, every love and every joy. Be joyous my friends.

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