Sunday, April 21, 2013

My First Photo Shoot

....with humans that is!

We couldn't have had more beautiful weather. The high was in the mid-sixties and the sunlight was beautiful even when we shot into the harsh afternoon hours. My regular shoots will be an hour in length but this first one was not only family, my lovely niece,Kesley and her guy, Lee, but I was also shooting for the first time at my friend's, Tammy and Chris Shipley's farm. There are so many great locations there. Some offer panoramic backdrops while others cradle the models in color and light. Then there are all sorts of built in props with the machinery, barns and of course, the horses. I will be putting up a website within the next few weeks along with scheduling and pricing information but for now, you can check out more of the days photos on my photography blog.

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