Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Venture

That's my handsome husband, Steve, serving as model on the banner for my new business venture.
Call me's not as if I don't already have a full plate creatively but I'm venturing into a new medium or at least a new direction with an old medium. Besides the equine art and photography, the sculpture I plan to get back to soon and the planned to do new mediums, jewelry and woodblock prints, I'm planning to start a new family photography business. I admit, as with any new avocation, I'm more than a little scared but my first shoot, scheduled for next week, will be with my sweet and beautiful niece, Kelsey and her handsome guy, Lee. I'm sure they will make excellent models, I trust them, and Kels and I are already brainstorming prop and outfit ideas. So, fingers crossed all will go well. I'll be putting up a new website as soon as I get enough photos for a portfolio. I've already set up a new Facebook page and blog (not much if anything posted on either of them for now but I will be adding lots of new stuff and info soon) for this new venture, that's the banner for each above. So, visit, like and follow if you will. It will certainly help encourage me and I'll soon be posting not only sample photos but scheduling and pricing information. Hope to be hearing from you all soon!

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