Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unexpected Guest

It is too funny....On this most beautiful Spring day, I've been stuck inside working on the computer. I just got a reminder about what a gorgeous day it is though. I'm sitting here working, still in my pjs (as embarrassing as that is to admit), when I hear a faint knocking at my door. I think it's the back door and since all of my friends and neighbor's, who know me well enough to visit, also know to call first, I assumed it must be a salesman or someone else I don't want to talk to so I ignore it. Then there is more knocking, a pause, and more knocking. I'm becoming a bit alarmed by their persistence.  I start walking slowly toward the back door. On the way, I pass the front door and the sound starts again and I realize that it's that door not the back from which the noise is originating. I also realize that it is scratching not knocking. It sounds large but not as large as a dog, more like a cat. I don't own a cat any longer so I'm thinking it's a stray searching either for its old home or a new one. So, instead of opening the front door and facing a possible furry home invader rushing past me, I get dressed quickly and pull on my boots, go out the back door and walk around the house. At first, I didn't see it but then I asked, "What do you want?" Which made the squirrel, tapping on my front door, jump straight up in the air and scurry up the nearest tree. He never did explain why he was so urgently trying to get into my house!

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