Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weigh-in Day

Not my typical day. I started working on my website and Facebook pages before dawn and didn't stop until Steve came home at lunch. I didn't eat breakfast and when I weighed again, later in the morning, my weight had dropped by an entire pound! Yay! I know I shouldn't concentrate on the scale so much but the huge three pound leap threw me into an emotional spiral. My friend Gary, who is having cancer surgery today, my total hero because he is such a strong and spiritual man, and always wise, gave me some great advice today right before he headed into surgery! He said that he'd rather look at weight loss as a symptom. If you begin to eat healthier and exercise more, you will have many symptoms: happier, more energetic, just feel better, and weight loss. He said that I should think of it like that, one of many sypmtoms, and then maybe I will stop obsessing about it. Prayers for Gary today. I'm anxiously awaiting news on my friend. He is such an inspiration. He finds the strength to stare death in the face by loving life and living every single minute.

I lost another good friend on Monday. Ernie Denny was such a sweet guy. He too embraced life, knowledge, adventure. He was such an amazing friend. He constantly offered me his support and encouragement. He was an engineer, an author, and a bit of an explorer. He'd traveled all over the world and had so many amazing experiences but I think he would have told you that his greatest accomplishment, his biggest adventure was raising his two girls. He lost his precious Sam several years ago to cancer. His darling Haley is now in college and makes him proud ever day. Ernie was fit, worked out all of the time and was, to my eye, the picture of health. They think he had a heart attack in his sleep. That comforts me in some way because I know he had no idea what was happening. I'm sure when he opened his eyes, he saw his Sam waiting on him with open arms. He will be missed and my prayers are with the one who will miss him the most, Haley. I pray for her to find comfort because this has been such a devastating loss.

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