Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Okay, it is not quite day 6 yet. Right now, as I type, it is 53 minutes away from being a new day. But My friend Becky Brunton  shared an article with me a few days ago entitled, 30 things you need to start doing for yourself and I wanted to share the 30 things with you, one a day.  Soooo, here is number one,   "1) Start spending time with the right people. – These are the people you enjoy, who love and appreciate you, and who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways.  They are the ones who make you feel more alive, and not only embrace who you are now, but also embrace and embody who you want to be, unconditionally." You have no idea how that one hits home today. I have someone in my life, someone who has always been a part of my life, and whom I love dearly BUT they are toxic to me. The problem is, they are also sick. I'm thinking perhaps very sick but I don't know because they won't share that. What they will do is hint about it in a very manipulative and controlling way as if their illness is a tool or weapon that they use to force the rest of us to do what they want. I know this behavior all to well because I grew up with it. I guess in many ways that makes me more accepting but I'm closing in on my sixth decade and I'm so tired of playing games. This person and I had an email argument sick is that? By the end of the conversation, they and their motives and intentions were so transparent. And it isn't that I don't sympathize with them, it isn't that I don't care, don't worry and don't love them. In fact, I do feel all of those to the extreme. No, the problem is, I'm tired of the games and manipulation. The sad part is, I don't think they really realize what they're doing any more. It was such a silly argument but it brought out so many buried feelings. My husband listened to my retelling of the entire incident from beginning to end and then he told me the same thing my friend, Renee had earlier, "Stop going to this person seeking approval or concern or support because you are never going to get it. Sure, she has her own agenda and yes she is sick and is using your concern and guilt against you but it's up to you not only how you react but what you share with her or seek from her in the future." I love her but I also need to truly recognize her. I will give her the love I want, an unconditional, non judgemental, and supportive love and I will accept that I can not change her or the fact that she will not give me what I need back, it's just not in her nature. This is the second time I've fallen into this trap. I should have known better. Steve told me that it was just like business, I have to learn to take the emotion out of it. And now, it is 38 minutes until midnight. Good night all.
If I can lose weight, this will be my gift to me.

THE NEXT DAY......I have an emotional hangover from yesterday. I do feel better after talking it all out with a good friend. It's not only good to unburden your heart but to have someone who understands and offers you not only comfort but smiles. My friend made me laugh out loud for real this morning when, after reading the small novella I'd written him outlining yesterday's drama, told me, "Yes,sounds like she doesn't listen to anything you say! Agree with the unconditional love,but just be careful.I had a friend,Byron, who was a snake handler at the Brookfield zoo.He loved them,but after several bites he became very careful around them!" haha, love that analogy. :)

Working on the photo edits from Tuesday's shoot. Don't think I'll be fitting in the other project or cleaning the dining room because I've gotten such a late start today but maybe I can fit some time in for my classes tonight after Steve goes to bed. I did do one positive thing today, I changed to the Walking Track on Me and You Health Daily Challenges. This track looks like so much fun and it will hopefully keep me motivated to get the exercise I need. I will post the challenges to here every day along with my challenges to myself since I will be on this track for the next 30 days just like the challenge to myself that I've started here.
Something to smile about, my great-great nephew, T.J.! Is he not a handsome, happy boy? :)


My goals for today are to get not only the photos from yesterday edited and burnt to disc but also work on a mock up for another potential customer. I slept better last night, exhaustion will do that, lol. I did not get my walk in however and I had three colas(!!!) not one but I did get up early with the horses and I did do a full day's work for the first time since I don't remember when. So, all unaccomplished goals aside, it does seem that I'm getting back in the swing of life and I also need to remember that this "project" is about small changes and one day at a time. As long as I'm dealing with the here and now and not living in the past or dwelling on the future with worry, I am making progress. So, I'm proud of me.... and this is just day five.

A photo I did just for me from yesterday's shoot (I caught a moment when they were moving items and furniture out of the storage unit and onto the small set we were using for photos and I had to get a shot of these old Ball jars that were sitting on a table by the door) guess this is part of my joy from yesterday along with seeing the sun rising right behind my old Brandy's head while she happily ate her morning feed...wish I'd had my camera for that!

11PM Time for bed and this has not been a good day for reasons that I can't share BUT tomorrow is a new day. I've cut up pineapple for breakfast already, packed Steve's lunch already and have lots of plans for a new day. This hasn't been a good day but it will soon be history and one of the changes I want to make is letting go of the past. Doesn't matter if that past is six hours ago or six years, it's gone. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


That dining room is getting put off once again. I'm just back from my shoot that began at 9AM and I'm exhausted. I still have to edit the photos, wash the dishes and water the horses and I haven't even had lunch yet....I think I'll just say that I've done enough to meet several goals today. I did meet the goal of going over to feed the horses at dawn...boy, were they ever shocked!!! I'm lucky that I didn't lose one or two of them to the surprise.

Monday, July 29, 2013


My friend, Becky Brunton sent this lovely thought and image to me this morning.
It was a great way to start my day.
This Monday is certainly off to a typical Monday start. Last night, before bed, I posted Van Morrison's Moondance on F'book with the caption, "Good night sweet, F'book friends. Tomorrow starts another week of possibilities." Nice sentiment but I'm not really feeling it this morning...ugh! Of course, when I wrote that, it was already 1:30 in the AM and way past my bedtime. I slept until 5:30, ate something (not something good unfortunately) because my stomach was hurting, and then I went back to bed for a few more hours of fitful, nightmare filled attempts at sleeping. Finally, got up at 8:30, did the usual morning routine albeit slowly, and then headed over to feed the horses at 9:30 AM. They were surprised to see me.

Well, holding myself accountable, I've already had that one diet cola today. For some, impossible to discern reason, I thought it would settle my stomach. So, I will have to display will power for the rest of the day on that one. I did walk my mile last night but I'd hoped to get up early enough to get in at least another mile this morning. I obviously didn't and then my stomach is still hurting...soooo, guess my mile will have to wait until tonight. I have been enjoying my Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade that I'm drinking in place of the colas. I find most bottled lemonade too sweet for my taste but this brand is just right, a bit tangy and organic to boot!
Okay, today's goal: clean the dining room that I didn't clean yesterday because I was busy starting a new F'book page and blog for Southern life....yeah, I know, doing something else other than what I need to be doing is my form of procrastination. We will work on that today.

LIFE INTERVENED once again. No, I did not get the dining room cleaned out. What I did get done was work on my website. A friend who is a wedding planner called this morning and asked if I would be interested in shooting a wedding at her place on the 24 of August. I said, sure and she asked for a price list on my packages. Well, of course I didn't have one  which means that I spent the rest of the day until 8:30 PM when it was time to feed the horses putting together the packages and working on my site. This is what it looks like:
Tomorrow, I have agreed to shoot the same friend's props for her website. I'll probably spend the rest of the day editing those and then I need  to fit in a few hours for my classes that I'm so far behind on. Guess the dining room will have to wait until Wednesday....unless life has other plans.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Speaking of joy and gratitude, I'm grateful for so much but today especially thankful for my husband of 38 years. I was feeling bad, having a difficult day. Steve came in the room, took my hand and we started dancing to the music on the radio. We danced with abandon like children. It wasn't about style or rhythm but only staying off each other's feet and having fun..... and it was a moment of pure joy! :) I'm still smiling. It is the little things that make life worth living and let me know how very blessed I am.

Tiny Miracles

Along with the daily changes, I've decided to seek out joy every day, too.Where did I find my joy yesterday? surprisingly, while doing the dishes! This is a daily task that I dearly hate. I hate it so much so that it is actually on my list of things I want to change about my life because I sometimes, ashamedly, let them pile up in the sink until it really is a chore. So, how did I find joy and also get all of those dishes washed? I put on my ear phones and started listening to some tunes and singing along. Before I knew it I was dancing in place and those dishes were done before I knew what had happened. And another tiny miracle, I was happy, smiling and feeling good!


Overslept again! Steve was off early to help Chris with bush-hogging and this afternoon, they plan to bale the hay already cut in our fields for Chris who lost most of his hay crop to the excessive rains we had earlier this year. I hope I'm at least out of my pajamas when they get here.

Ugh, day two is not off to a good start either. I have to get my sleep cycle straightened out. I hope that magnesium will help. It should arrive tomorrow.

Okay, let's jump right in. The goal for day two.........hmmmmmmm?....... lets make it an active one, WALK A MILE. Add to that yesterday's ONE DIET COLA & ONE CUP OF GREEN TEA rule. I'd also like to finally get the dining room cleaned out and spend some time with my horses. I've already lost some daylight so let's see how I've done at 10 PM.....later gators.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Oh, what a morning! Could not sleep again last night. I have to get my sleep cycle straightened out. I heard a doctor on TV.....I know what you're thinking already.........saying that ionic magnesium would help with sleeplessness. I have some on order and it should be here by Monday but in the mean time, not a great start for my first day of this journey but I am up and awake if I am late. And I got a full seven hours of sleep for once (Yay!) so all is good.

I did get some unintentional exercise last night because I managed to drive my little truck off a bank (stupidity!) It's pristine little white body is sitting six inches from the rocky ground and I'm hoping that Steve can pull her out without harm. On a good note, I was forced to walk back from the pasture. And even though I thought I was dying, I didn't have a heart attack and I didn't get eaten by the wayward bear that is inhabiting our woods.


I'll check back in tonight and let you know how I did with that first challenge and what else I may or MAY NOT have accomplished. Enjoy this rainy Saturday all of you East Tennesseans! As for the rest of you, I hope the sun is shining where ever you are.

AT THE END OF THE DAY.....well, I have to admit, I'm disappointed in myself. It's not because I failed today's change goal, nailed that! No, it is because it is 75 and low humidity in July in E. Tennessee, which is a friggin' miracle, and I did not get out and enjoy it at all! I could have been working in my garden (just finished pulled a few weeds and day lilly stems.) I could have been playing with my ponies or just walking in the sunshine drinking in the day. But what was I doing instead? I was sleeping!!! I actually got my seven hours last night so why did I lie down when Steve said he was taking a nap. I barely remember him getting up before falling back off to sleep. I woke up three hours later and the day was done. I'm not a happy camper and no one to blame but myself. I did stick to the change of the day though, only one diet Dr. P. Let's see how well I handle that one tomorrow, that's the test.

Off now to start some sweet potato oven fries for supper. There are ribs on the grill and fresh, sweet corn ready to take their place in the smoker. I'll make some poppy seed cole slaw to go with it all and then very naughtily but without guilt devour that luscious meal.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Before DAY ONE

Okay, let's lay out the plan. What do I want to change in my life and what are the little steps I can take to do that?


GOAL: Lose a considerable amount of weight, 75 pounds.Have more energy and enthusiasm about life. Find my balance, serenity and joy.

1) Eliminate one unhealthy food a week: chips, diet colas, chocolate, sugar, coffee
2) Add one healthy habit a day such as, substituting green tea for coffee or fresh fruit for sugary desert.
3) Eat more vegetables and fruit. Try to incorporate new varieties or new recipes at least once a week.
4)Get more exercise. Start off with walking for about 30 minutes a day and gradually add time, distance, weight training and other aerobic activity.
5)Make flossing twice a day a habit not an after thought. 
6)Start each day with thanks and gratitude.
7)Set aside 15-20 minutes for meditation and yoga.
8)No matter what is going on or going wrong, find something to laugh about or think of something that brings me joy.

GOAL: Get my business back in order and make it profitable.

1) Finish classes that will enhance my productivity and marketability.
2) Do something productive each day.
3) Do a sketch a day. Start small but try to build on this each day.
4) Get my studio and workshop cleaned out and functioning again.
5) Work on marketing and networking but don't let it take up all of my time. Set aside a few                                                   hours each week to dedicate this.
6) Get my camera out more often and just have fun with it. 
7) Try to get at least one new idea a week out of my head and into reality. I've got so many floating around this could take a while.

GOAL: Finish the work on my house, get it cleaned, painted and decorated so that it is comfortable for  us and                            welcoming to others.

                   1) Do one small thing a day to make progress toward this goal. Pull those weeds.

GOAL: Spend more time with my horses. Start working with Danny. Start riding again.
                   1) set aside time every day to spend with them whether I'm riding, working or just grooming.

That's the plan and to also chronicle my progress, struggles and thoughts along the way on this blog.

The Plan

I've been kicking this idea around for a while, take a month and try to eliminate habits that are bad for me and replace them with ones that actually promote good health. I don't really think that I can change my entire life in a month but I can initiate the change that will gradually and eventually get my life back in balance. A friend's recent diagnosis of inoperable cancer with a prognosis of six more months of life at best has left me sad, angry, grieving, confused and certainly depressed but it has also convinced me that I need to start living my life and appreciating each day. I have wasted too many years by thinking that I'll make that change next week. Despite the fact that I'm over weight and don't exercise enough, I am lucky and blessed to be in good health. I do struggle with the GI and stomach problems especially when I'm stressed but I'm hoping that a balanced diet heavy on natural, organic vegetables and fruits will help with that.

So, here is the plan: take a month and start changing habits, bad traded for good. I will chronicle my journey daily and hopefully morning and night so that I can put first my plans for the day and then at the end of the day, how successful I was at carrying out those plans and any struggles or breakthroughs I may have experienced. You might be asking how this will be different than any other diet diary where we record all those calories and fat grams? Well, I'm not just wanting to change my diet or increase my exercise although I am hoping that both will be major factions of this change. I really want to change my entire life. I've been trying to do this for a long time with little success. Despite years of talking about it and hoping to initiate some major changes, I'm still over weight, I'm still out of shape, I still struggle with stomach and GI problems daily, I still have a business that's a confused mess and making no money, a house that is piled to the ceiling with boxes and junk and in desperate need of cleaning, repair and remodeling, I still spend hardly any time with my horses and haven't ridden in over two years! In other words, good intentions no matter how well planned just aren't getting this done!

So, instead of looking at the forest and feeling lost and overwhelmed or even those big ol' scary trees that I don't yet have the tools to cut down, I'm going to start pulling up weeds on the forest floor. One little weed a day hopefully, one minor change that will lead to another and then another until finally (another metaphor coming up here) trouble basket is nearly empty and my joy basket is full. That doesn't seem too much to ask of myself does it? Actually, this may be the way to deal with all of the things that seem too overwhelming to handle, all those problems that are weighing me down and keeping me stagnant in one spot. The way my life is now, I seem to spend half of my time nostalgically looking back at a time when I had it all together, when I was happy, fit and successful or else dreaming and planning for the future that's never going to happen until I make it happen. 

I'll start my diary tomorrow morning. I haven't decided yet what the first day's change will be. I'm thinking that I'll make a list...I know, planning again!......of exactly what I want to change about my diet, my exercise, my wellbeing, my work, my home and most certainly my horses. I might make a big calendar and dig out my colored pens so that I can map my progress. It helps me to visualize what I'm doing and as the rainbow of colors begins to grow, I think that will not only make me feel better about myself but encourage me to keep making changes. They say that it takes close to a month to change a habit so, at the end of this month, if I have progressed, I may extend this project for six months or even a year. I recently saw a book written by a woman who spent a year seeking joy every day. That seems like such a great project and I'm hoping this one I'm setting out on, seeking health, balance and serenity, will be also.

Acidic Versus an Alkaline Rich Diet.

There has been so much talk lately of acidic versus alkaline diets and how excessive acidity in our bodies can not only cause all sorts of ailments but keep us fat. Here is a chart showing where many foods fall in this spectrum of acidic and alkaline. Surprisingly, many of the foods that we think of as acidic, such as tomatoes and lemons, actually promote the opposite effect in our bodies. It seems that all this chart does is illustrate what nutritionists have been telling us for years, more green vegetables and less sugar, carbs and empty calories. I have a plan, which I will outline above, to change my diet and hopefully my health, fitness, life in the process.
Chart from Mind Body Green

Monday, July 22, 2013


I recently learned that my best friend since I was a little girl is dying. She has perhaps 6 months to live at best and to even say at best knowing what pain and discomfort she is in.....well. I'm still having a hard time dealing with it. I'm trying my best to take the emphasis off of how I'm feeling about it and putting my energy into helping her as much as I can. I try to make her laugh. I try to let her know how loved she is and occupy her mind with happy, distracting thoughts. All the time, my heart is breaking but maybe it just means that my heart will be stronger, warmer, more open, more loving because of this beating. I keep asking why but I also keep saying the Serenity Prayer and hoping that I can accept this thing I can not change. If you've reached a certain age, you understand too well all of the things I'm going through. This is life, like it or not, ready for it or not and as much as it can scare and hurt us, times like this just point out to me how important it is to really live each day, each moment. My grief some days is overwhelming but still, it is like when I lost my mom, despite the extreme heartache, I felt grateful that I'd had someone like her in my life for nearly 35 years. So it is with my friend Candis, I wouldn't take back one bike wreck, one skinned knee, one run to the snowball stand or one game of baseball played with all of the neighborhood kids. I wouldn't take back her impromptu visits over the years or the fact that she is the one friend who never acted the least concerned if my house was a mess. She'd just go get a glass out of the cupboard and get herself a glass of water or tea and sit on the porch or in the floor with me and laugh. I'm going to miss her, I already do but I'm going to remember her, too, and with joy and gratitude for the friend I've had since I was twelve and how warmly she welcomed the new kid on the block.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Progress Versus Stagnation

My DHC challenge for today was to make a list of what I'd like to accomplish in the next year. I've shared so much with that group but I was unwilling to share this. I guess part of it is just so personal and part of it is so selfish but I'm coming to realize, as I age, that occasionally being selfish and putting yourself and your needs first is not necessarily a bad or evil thing.

I do think that in light of recent events, revelations and losses that my first wish is that I'm able to help a friend who needs me. I can't even write about this yet not only out of respect for my friend's privacy but also because I still haven't come to terms with this reality yet. My wish for number 1 on my list is that I can help her transition and show her all the love and compassion that I feel and that I will learn to be more accepting of the things I can not change in life.

Number 2 goes hand in hand with number 1. My friend's circumstances have made me realize just how precious each and every minute of our lives is. I've been sleep walking through life for a long time. No, I can't even say that because just the walking part would infer that I've actually been making progress when I have been sleeping but deeply buried in my own little protective burrow as far from life's realities as I can get. So, TWO is living my life to the fullest, being inspired, being enthused, being alive.

Number 3 probably ties with 4 in importance but I'll start with my art. Art has always been a part not only of my life but of me but in the past ten years or so I've not done much outside of my photography and even it has dwindled. I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades with art. I started out in school with an emphasis on water color and illustration. I ironically hated the sculpture classes I was required to take and not very good at it. Then I ended up making my living for the next 25 years doing wood sculpture and carving, lol. I also did some freelance design work during that time period. I became burnt out with that and turned to photography for a while. Now, in my old age, I've decided not to limit myself. I'm cleaning out my dust and cobweb covered workshop so I can start carving again and I'm setting up a small studio space in my house so I can start working on drawing and painting again. Not wanting to limit myself, haha, I've decided to add print making and jewelry to my artistic endeavors and then there is always the photography which has extended recently from four legged models to two legged ones. I just finished up my new website yesterday and the hardest part was incorporating all of the things I either do or want to start doing soon into an easy to understand and navigate site. It may look as if I'm biting off more than I can chew but I told my husband yesterday that I've concentrated my entire life on two things, trying to make a living and doing what I thought everyone else expected of me. Now, I think I'm old enough to not only finally please myself but also to concentrate more on doing what I enjoy. That may be funky jewelry one day and wood carving the next or I might just grab my camera and head out to the pasture field. My doctor has set a prime example for me, he recently quit medicine (which didn't make me happy but it seems to have made him very happy) and is going to be teaching troubled kids which is what he wants to do. And I say, good for him!...although I do hate losing a great doctor since they are so hard to find.

Number 4, my horses. Enough said there since I've neglected them as much as I have my art. And the lack of living I've been doing as illustrated by 2 also includes them. Steve and I were at a party last night and someone asked about our horses. We've got five horses, we said and we never ride any of them. Django and Riley came here four years ago to be our daily riding horses and we've ridden them exactly ONE time in that four years! Mouse hasn't been ridden since she had Danny who is now three. I haven't even started trying to train Danny and break him to saddle. My main job with my dear old Brandy is just keeping her alive and as comfortable as possible since she is long past her riding days but the girl deserves her retirement. I can use the excuse with the riding that I don't like to ride alone and Steve is never here. I can say about Danny's training that I'm still waiting until we move the round pen to a more convenient location to start him. BUT I have not excuse for the knots in their tails and mane and the fact that they fight over my attention when I am around. I need to spend more time with my horses even if all I do is groom them.

Number 5, health, wellness and all that good stuff. Maybe I should move, "start working out!" to the top of the list since being in better shape would make it much easier to do or deal with the rest. I really do need to stop talking about this and start doing it until it becomes that daily habit that I hate to miss. I read an article just yesterday that said beyond eating right and getting enough sleep the key to weight loss and health after a woman passes 50 (and let's admit it, I'm much closer to the start of the next decade) is exercise and even with all of those other healthy habits, you can't lose an ounce without regular cardio. So, I need to take a cue from Nike and "Just Do It!"

Number 6, has been weighing on me for nearly fifteen years now. Honestly, I truly feel as if I'm smothering under the pressure, buried alive! What is this monster of a task? Finishing this house, getting it cleaned up and not only truly liveable and comfortable again but turning it into a home that I not only will allow my friends to visit but will welcome them into. All of the elements are here, I just have to work this puzzle out and fit them together. Why has this grown from a big problem to a major one in fifteen years, neglect, procrastination, fear, lack of funds, lack of motivation, all of the above and then some? I guess it is the latter but then just the fact that it has become so overwhelming seems to freeze me in my steps and prevent me from making progress. So, my goal for this year is not necessarily to finish everything but to finish something, to make some small progress every day if possible. Sure, I won't reach the finish line as soon as I'd hoped but that finish line has actually gotten farther and farther away from me over the years despite all of my good intentions and big plans. If I can just start to do one small thing a day and maybe stop writing out plans and lists and then revising them when I don't accomplish anything, maybe I can start moving forward again. I'm thinking stop looking toward the future which I not only have no control over but absolutely not idea about what will happen to change my course, sink my big plans and instead make progress one tiny step at a time. Instead of mapping out my course in my journal/calendar, I think I will turn it into a diary and at the end of each day, I'll write what I accomplished that day instead of writing at the beginning of the day what I want to accomplish. Now, that sounds like a plan to me! And I could easily incorporate the other five goals on this list into that daily plan and spend some time and energy each day on: my friends, my spirtuality, my art, my horses, my health and fitness and my house and at the end of the day write down just what I did to get a little closer to each of these goals, one step, one day at a time.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baked Boiled Eggs?

I've been wanting to try this for a while, "boiling" eggs in the oven. I love boiled eggs. It's a wonder of nature that I ever made it out of childhood alive because I always ate the eggs my mom had boiled and helped me dye for my Easter basket. They were usually consumed post an entire day of hiding them while hiding myself behind some shrubbery in the yard where my mom couldn't see me and rescue me from food poisoning.

A few months ago, I saw a "recipe" on for oven boiled eggs. Long time readers of this blog, if there are any, will know that I still don't have a fully functioning kitchen. We started to remodel our kitchen twelve years ago. We were interrupted by life and my new range has been sitting in the garage, still boxed since then. So, I have no way to boil eggs. I've purchased numerous egg cookers but they only seem to work half of the time if that. So, despite the fact that I was skeptical, I decide to give the oven boiling a try..... The results were stupendous!!! Perfect eggs and so easy to do, all you do is place each egg in a cup of a muffin tin, put it in the oven at 325 degrees (since I'm still using a toaster oven, I turned the temp up to 350 degrees) for 30 minutes, remove and place in a bowl of ice water for 10 minutes and voil`a!... perfectly hard boiled eggs. 


Apologies for not posting for so long. It is already a long, hot summer and it has just begun. And since I've yet to lose that weight I promised, it feels even hotter to me. Summer is not kind to fat girls. But on a brighter note....I spent an entire day last week with a very old friend. We were discussing how much we were alike even though it might not look like it on the surface. We both had used activities as children and adults that required, perhaps even evoked, focus. And even though she was an athlete and I was an artist, we were very much the same because both of these disciplines put us in the "zone." I once had an art teacher who was skilled at getting the uninitiated into that zone and she described to me that sigh, often gasp of awareness. The wonderful thing is these attention grabbers, whether creative or athletic or something I've yet to discover, bring you an almost euphoric high. You wouldn't think that losing yourself to any activity would be a glorious thing but it very much is. I plan on starting to exercise again and concentrating this time on fitness not weight loss. I'm hoping that the dropping of pounds will be a nice side benefit but mostly, I'm wanting to regain that high that habitual exercise can bring. I do want to make exercise a habit because once it becomes a significant part of your daily life, you feel "off" if you miss a day and in my feeble mind, that is as M. Stewart would say, "A VERY GOOD THING!"
Drawing by Alice Daniels, available on