Friday, July 26, 2013

Before DAY ONE

Okay, let's lay out the plan. What do I want to change in my life and what are the little steps I can take to do that?


GOAL: Lose a considerable amount of weight, 75 pounds.Have more energy and enthusiasm about life. Find my balance, serenity and joy.

1) Eliminate one unhealthy food a week: chips, diet colas, chocolate, sugar, coffee
2) Add one healthy habit a day such as, substituting green tea for coffee or fresh fruit for sugary desert.
3) Eat more vegetables and fruit. Try to incorporate new varieties or new recipes at least once a week.
4)Get more exercise. Start off with walking for about 30 minutes a day and gradually add time, distance, weight training and other aerobic activity.
5)Make flossing twice a day a habit not an after thought. 
6)Start each day with thanks and gratitude.
7)Set aside 15-20 minutes for meditation and yoga.
8)No matter what is going on or going wrong, find something to laugh about or think of something that brings me joy.

GOAL: Get my business back in order and make it profitable.

1) Finish classes that will enhance my productivity and marketability.
2) Do something productive each day.
3) Do a sketch a day. Start small but try to build on this each day.
4) Get my studio and workshop cleaned out and functioning again.
5) Work on marketing and networking but don't let it take up all of my time. Set aside a few                                                   hours each week to dedicate this.
6) Get my camera out more often and just have fun with it. 
7) Try to get at least one new idea a week out of my head and into reality. I've got so many floating around this could take a while.

GOAL: Finish the work on my house, get it cleaned, painted and decorated so that it is comfortable for  us and                            welcoming to others.

                   1) Do one small thing a day to make progress toward this goal. Pull those weeds.

GOAL: Spend more time with my horses. Start working with Danny. Start riding again.
                   1) set aside time every day to spend with them whether I'm riding, working or just grooming.

That's the plan and to also chronicle my progress, struggles and thoughts along the way on this blog.

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