Sunday, July 28, 2013


Overslept again! Steve was off early to help Chris with bush-hogging and this afternoon, they plan to bale the hay already cut in our fields for Chris who lost most of his hay crop to the excessive rains we had earlier this year. I hope I'm at least out of my pajamas when they get here.

Ugh, day two is not off to a good start either. I have to get my sleep cycle straightened out. I hope that magnesium will help. It should arrive tomorrow.

Okay, let's jump right in. The goal for day two.........hmmmmmmm?....... lets make it an active one, WALK A MILE. Add to that yesterday's ONE DIET COLA & ONE CUP OF GREEN TEA rule. I'd also like to finally get the dining room cleaned out and spend some time with my horses. I've already lost some daylight so let's see how I've done at 10 PM.....later gators.

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