Wednesday, July 31, 2013


My goals for today are to get not only the photos from yesterday edited and burnt to disc but also work on a mock up for another potential customer. I slept better last night, exhaustion will do that, lol. I did not get my walk in however and I had three colas(!!!) not one but I did get up early with the horses and I did do a full day's work for the first time since I don't remember when. So, all unaccomplished goals aside, it does seem that I'm getting back in the swing of life and I also need to remember that this "project" is about small changes and one day at a time. As long as I'm dealing with the here and now and not living in the past or dwelling on the future with worry, I am making progress. So, I'm proud of me.... and this is just day five.

A photo I did just for me from yesterday's shoot (I caught a moment when they were moving items and furniture out of the storage unit and onto the small set we were using for photos and I had to get a shot of these old Ball jars that were sitting on a table by the door) guess this is part of my joy from yesterday along with seeing the sun rising right behind my old Brandy's head while she happily ate her morning feed...wish I'd had my camera for that!

11PM Time for bed and this has not been a good day for reasons that I can't share BUT tomorrow is a new day. I've cut up pineapple for breakfast already, packed Steve's lunch already and have lots of plans for a new day. This hasn't been a good day but it will soon be history and one of the changes I want to make is letting go of the past. Doesn't matter if that past is six hours ago or six years, it's gone. 

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