Monday, July 29, 2013


My friend, Becky Brunton sent this lovely thought and image to me this morning.
It was a great way to start my day.
This Monday is certainly off to a typical Monday start. Last night, before bed, I posted Van Morrison's Moondance on F'book with the caption, "Good night sweet, F'book friends. Tomorrow starts another week of possibilities." Nice sentiment but I'm not really feeling it this morning...ugh! Of course, when I wrote that, it was already 1:30 in the AM and way past my bedtime. I slept until 5:30, ate something (not something good unfortunately) because my stomach was hurting, and then I went back to bed for a few more hours of fitful, nightmare filled attempts at sleeping. Finally, got up at 8:30, did the usual morning routine albeit slowly, and then headed over to feed the horses at 9:30 AM. They were surprised to see me.

Well, holding myself accountable, I've already had that one diet cola today. For some, impossible to discern reason, I thought it would settle my stomach. So, I will have to display will power for the rest of the day on that one. I did walk my mile last night but I'd hoped to get up early enough to get in at least another mile this morning. I obviously didn't and then my stomach is still hurting...soooo, guess my mile will have to wait until tonight. I have been enjoying my Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade that I'm drinking in place of the colas. I find most bottled lemonade too sweet for my taste but this brand is just right, a bit tangy and organic to boot!
Okay, today's goal: clean the dining room that I didn't clean yesterday because I was busy starting a new F'book page and blog for Southern life....yeah, I know, doing something else other than what I need to be doing is my form of procrastination. We will work on that today.

LIFE INTERVENED once again. No, I did not get the dining room cleaned out. What I did get done was work on my website. A friend who is a wedding planner called this morning and asked if I would be interested in shooting a wedding at her place on the 24 of August. I said, sure and she asked for a price list on my packages. Well, of course I didn't have one  which means that I spent the rest of the day until 8:30 PM when it was time to feed the horses putting together the packages and working on my site. This is what it looks like:
Tomorrow, I have agreed to shoot the same friend's props for her website. I'll probably spend the rest of the day editing those and then I need  to fit in a few hours for my classes that I'm so far behind on. Guess the dining room will have to wait until Wednesday....unless life has other plans.

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