Friday, July 26, 2013

The Plan

I've been kicking this idea around for a while, take a month and try to eliminate habits that are bad for me and replace them with ones that actually promote good health. I don't really think that I can change my entire life in a month but I can initiate the change that will gradually and eventually get my life back in balance. A friend's recent diagnosis of inoperable cancer with a prognosis of six more months of life at best has left me sad, angry, grieving, confused and certainly depressed but it has also convinced me that I need to start living my life and appreciating each day. I have wasted too many years by thinking that I'll make that change next week. Despite the fact that I'm over weight and don't exercise enough, I am lucky and blessed to be in good health. I do struggle with the GI and stomach problems especially when I'm stressed but I'm hoping that a balanced diet heavy on natural, organic vegetables and fruits will help with that.

So, here is the plan: take a month and start changing habits, bad traded for good. I will chronicle my journey daily and hopefully morning and night so that I can put first my plans for the day and then at the end of the day, how successful I was at carrying out those plans and any struggles or breakthroughs I may have experienced. You might be asking how this will be different than any other diet diary where we record all those calories and fat grams? Well, I'm not just wanting to change my diet or increase my exercise although I am hoping that both will be major factions of this change. I really want to change my entire life. I've been trying to do this for a long time with little success. Despite years of talking about it and hoping to initiate some major changes, I'm still over weight, I'm still out of shape, I still struggle with stomach and GI problems daily, I still have a business that's a confused mess and making no money, a house that is piled to the ceiling with boxes and junk and in desperate need of cleaning, repair and remodeling, I still spend hardly any time with my horses and haven't ridden in over two years! In other words, good intentions no matter how well planned just aren't getting this done!

So, instead of looking at the forest and feeling lost and overwhelmed or even those big ol' scary trees that I don't yet have the tools to cut down, I'm going to start pulling up weeds on the forest floor. One little weed a day hopefully, one minor change that will lead to another and then another until finally (another metaphor coming up here) trouble basket is nearly empty and my joy basket is full. That doesn't seem too much to ask of myself does it? Actually, this may be the way to deal with all of the things that seem too overwhelming to handle, all those problems that are weighing me down and keeping me stagnant in one spot. The way my life is now, I seem to spend half of my time nostalgically looking back at a time when I had it all together, when I was happy, fit and successful or else dreaming and planning for the future that's never going to happen until I make it happen. 

I'll start my diary tomorrow morning. I haven't decided yet what the first day's change will be. I'm thinking that I'll make a list...I know, planning again!......of exactly what I want to change about my diet, my exercise, my wellbeing, my work, my home and most certainly my horses. I might make a big calendar and dig out my colored pens so that I can map my progress. It helps me to visualize what I'm doing and as the rainbow of colors begins to grow, I think that will not only make me feel better about myself but encourage me to keep making changes. They say that it takes close to a month to change a habit so, at the end of this month, if I have progressed, I may extend this project for six months or even a year. I recently saw a book written by a woman who spent a year seeking joy every day. That seems like such a great project and I'm hoping this one I'm setting out on, seeking health, balance and serenity, will be also.

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