Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Apologies for not posting for so long. It is already a long, hot summer and it has just begun. And since I've yet to lose that weight I promised, it feels even hotter to me. Summer is not kind to fat girls. But on a brighter note....I spent an entire day last week with a very old friend. We were discussing how much we were alike even though it might not look like it on the surface. We both had used activities as children and adults that required, perhaps even evoked, focus. And even though she was an athlete and I was an artist, we were very much the same because both of these disciplines put us in the "zone." I once had an art teacher who was skilled at getting the uninitiated into that zone and she described to me that sigh, often gasp of awareness. The wonderful thing is these attention grabbers, whether creative or athletic or something I've yet to discover, bring you an almost euphoric high. You wouldn't think that losing yourself to any activity would be a glorious thing but it very much is. I plan on starting to exercise again and concentrating this time on fitness not weight loss. I'm hoping that the dropping of pounds will be a nice side benefit but mostly, I'm wanting to regain that high that habitual exercise can bring. I do want to make exercise a habit because once it becomes a significant part of your daily life, you feel "off" if you miss a day and in my feeble mind, that is as M. Stewart would say, "A VERY GOOD THING!"
Drawing by Alice Daniels, available on ShutterStock.com

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