Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DAY 11

Oh, my....I didn't need anything to help me sleep last night because I didn't go to bed until 2AM. I have no idea when Steve left this morning and I'm awake five hours later and honestly, not feeling too badly. Did I work on what I was suppose to work on yesterday?....NO.....Did I accomplish something?.....YES, lots. I started a new Cafe Press shop. I did four new designs for it and incorporated several of those in my Etsy shop for prints and posters as well. I also spoke with the bride whose wedding I will be shooting in three weeks (so nervous and excited at the same time!), watched a movie that Amazon.com paid me twenty bucks to review, lol, had a nice conversation with an old friend, watered the horses, cooked Steve's lunch because he came home early to help Chris cut and bale hay, and did a load of laundry all before staying up until the wee hours of today finishing up those new designs and getting them pasted on Tshirts, housewares, office supplies and stationary. Not a bad day even if I didn't accomplish what I set out to do....or get time to walk.

As for today, I just finished updating the links on my Cafe Press home page. A funny story about that, I actually wasted about six hours between Sunday and yesterday trying to add a banner to my Cafe Press home page. The uploads do not work (have no idea WHY they still have them there as an option) for banners/logos and when I asked their customer support, I was told that it was simple, I just had to add a URL of the image to the html.......yeah, right. I went to photobucket, as instructed, and added my banner so I could acquire a URL. For six hours, I attempted to add the URL to my home page. I struggled and ended up mangling the page in the process. I did discover that I could change templates just to start over fresh but I couldn't figure out where to put the URL even though I'd been told that it would say, "Put your URL HERE." Oh, the jokes I could make........Anyway, I finally wised up around noon yesterday (which explains why I was working until 2AM this morning.) I googled html code and came up with several instructional pages within seconds. A few minutes later and my shop was finally up and running......and waiting on its first design. Oy vey! The fun never ends, lol.

I'm off to grab some breakfast and then go feed my ponies. I hope I can get outside early enough to get in at least a mile walk before I start melting. Steve will be home for lunch again. It's nice to see him in the middle of the day even if it is just a hit and run lunch. 

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