Sunday, August 4, 2013


I slept well last night and woke up feeling refreshed. So, the magnesium wasn't the culprit behind the awful headache  that woke me up the night before. I'd chalk that one up to stress. Up early this morning and already have had breakfast, washed the dishes, cut Steve's hair and swept the kitchen. I weighed myself and was let down to see the scale go up three pounds from yesterday! Hoping that rapid gain is water weight. So, now, I'm off to feed the horses and go for my morning walk which this morning requires skipping ten steps for every ten walked. Okay, I live close to a church and Sunday is the heaviest traffic because of that. I can just hear the little kids now, "Mommy, look at that fat lady skipping across the meadow." Remember Tiny Tim....tiptoe through the tulips, cross the meadow is where we'll be if you tiptoe through the tulips with meeeee." Okay, not quite the same but that's still the image that keeps popping into my mind, lol. Got all of the edits done yesterday and scheduled another shoot as well first wedding!!! tada! yahoo! whoopee! Of course I'm terrified but excited all the same. I didn't get to restart my classes yesterday because the edits took longer than anticipated to finish. I am quite pleased with them and this is my first commercial shoot. I'll post some photos later on my photo page. So, I'm making progress even if I'm still not getting everything I want to get done finished or even started. The truth is, I expect too much of myself and there just aren't enough hours in the day to finish everything I need to do so I have to concentrate on the here and now and use this 30 day project to change my mindset as much as move forward. Forget the past, stop worrying about the future and Live in the moment is my new mantra. I'll keep reminding myself of it at least once a day until it finally sinks through my thick skull. Now, I'm off to the ponies and that skipping walk. Have a great day everyone....and remember to be happy! To quote another 60's singer, Donovan, "You can have a living if you let yourself be."
I didn't make very many skips because I started hurting in my chest, left side, too...yikes. I'm just starting to walk again after a long while being inactive so I'm thinking I will not push myself too hard at first and gradually build up. I will save this challenge until I am in better shape and I'll also call tomorrow to schedule a check up with my doctor just to be safe.
I forgot to turn off my GPS walk tracker on my phone once again. So it has my average pace down to 45 minutes, lol. Still, my best pace was 7:21....pretty darn good chest pain and all!

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