Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yesterday was a hard day. My best friend, my chosen sister passed away late Thursday night. Yesterday, her brother asked me to go with him to mark her gravesite at a little church far out in the country. It is a beautiful resting spot for her underneath the shade of a large tree. Then we went to pick out her casket and make the arrangements for her funeral. Her sweet cousin, Susie, came in and brought a prayer quilt that the Methodist ladies had sewn and blessed for her. Tied to the quilt was a little pendant I'd made for her on the day she passed. The pendant contained a feather that had floated down to my feet that morning right after her brother, Charlie, had called to tell me that she'd taken a turn for the worse and I needed to come right away. The feather was significant. I went to see a psychic on my 50th birthday. I know, it sounds crazy but it was a whim and I went in an open minded sceptic, lol. Then he told me things that there was no way for him to have known and also told me that my Mama would send me feathers to let me know she was still watching over me. I didn't believe him until the next day when I'd just parked my car, the window was down and in through it a beautiful, unusual feather came floating and landed in my lap. Since that day, whenever I'm upset, I find feathers. Often they just fall from the sky without a bird in sight. Whether it is truly my mom or not, it brings me comfort and when I saw that feather, I knew it was meant for Candis not me. She'd told me just a few weeks ago that soon, I'd have two angels watching over me. So, I put the feather in a locket and took it to her. She had already slipped into a deep sleep but I hope she knows the feather was there. I know she has her own wings now and she's flying free of pain and worry. That in itself is a blessing, as was spending time with her brother and cousin. We laughed as much as we cried and a friend later told me that is the sign that the one who passed was so beloved when people can celebrate their life as well as mourn them. My heart is still broken and I miss her so much already that it is almost unbearable but just knowing her for almost the entirety of my life was a blessing. She was so loved by so many people. I've never seen such an outpouring of love and compassion as she received from a multitude of friends in her final days. She'd worked at a hospital for over 35 years and the people she worked with cared so much about her that they were there for her night and day. They were such angels. How lucky she was to have such friends and how very, very lucky I was to have had her be a part of my life. It is a special person who evokes that much love from others. My last blessing, my last gratitude is for all of the love, support and compassion that has been shown to me by my friends, my precious sister and my husband over the last two days. Another dear friend told me yesterday, I know you miss her but just remember she and her love are portable now because you will forever carry her with you in your heart where ever you go. That is my final gratitude. Soar on those wings, my sweet friend. You earned them. Love you always, Candis.
Candis Snow-Nicely July 1955-September 2013
 When we were young, Candis won the Junior Miss title. One of our neighbors wrote for the local paper and she asked to interview Candis. I'll always remember what she wrote at the end of the article, Candis is a young woman who embraces life and lives it to the fullest. That so describes Candis. And if she loved you, she loved you completely and unconditionally and always. That is why she was so very much loved by so many. She had the biggest, most compassionate heart of anyone I've ever known and she shared it so freely. How very, very lucky I was to have had her friendship for almost the entirety of our lives. How blessed was anyone who knew her and was loved by her.

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