Thursday, October 24, 2013

Perfect Exercise

I read a few days ago that the best exercise for your entire lower body is the old fashion squat. I've been doing both regular squats and curtsy squats and I have been feeling it...but in a good way because that shows me that they are working. I saw a news program where a doctor said that squats were the best thing you could do for problem knees. He had a fellow on the program that had two knee surgeries and was on lots of pain meds before. Since he started doing squats, he's lost 40 pounds and is off the pain meds. I started doing them on Sunday and I can already tell a difference with my knees when climbing stairs. I do about 150 a day. Monday, I did 300 but I could hardly move on Tuesday, lol. I usually do them in sets of 50 three times a day. Loving how much better, stronger I'm feeling despite the sore muscles. They are said to be a better and more effective workout for your stomach than crunches (which I hate.) With the addition of the curtsy squat (which Spark People calls the perfect exercise because of all of the areas and muscles it works), I'm working my calves as well as thighs, behind and stomach. I do have to hold on to something for balance when doing the curtsy squat but I try not to use it to help me perform the exercise.

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