Monday, October 14, 2013

Take a few minutes to remember a moment of glory.

That was today's assignment from DHC. My answer was that I had never enjoyed achievements, awards, honors in my life because they always came with mixed feelings to me. I just hate being the center of attention. So, while others talked of sports competitions and beauty pageant wins, I just thought about how uncomfortable I've always been when placed in the spotlight. But I'll tell you of one moment that does stand out in my history as pretty darn glorious. Not surprisingly, it is about a horse. :) In fact, it is about me and that beautiful gray in the photo above (at our first horse show which she aced--blue ribbons all the way! Yay, Mouse!) I'm a timid rider. I didn't use to be when I was young but when I got my first horse at 49, I discovered that I'd built up all sorts of fears over the years. Fear is not a very good thing when dealing with horses much less sitting on the back of one. I took a fall....basically, I baled.  I was a little banged up, a few broken ribs and bad bruising but the biggest casualty was any courage I might have possessed. After that, I was terrified of riding but I kept trying. There was a moment of joy on the day I realized that I was riding without fear and a feeling of triumph when I gave my horse her head one day and we galloped up a hillside. I called the trainer who'd helped me overcome my fear later and told her and what she said to me was better than any prize or honor I've ever won. She said, "I've taken riders to national competitions and victory but I've never been prouder of any student in my entire life. You were so full of fear when you came to me but you never gave up." I think that might have been the proudest moment of my life and thinking about it, I realize that it was because I hadn't just worked to achieve something, I hadn't just earned an honor for something I'd done, I had to overcome something in order to reach that glorious goal. That was indeed a moment of victory for me. I've also since realized something else, fear and joy are polar opposites. You can't have both at the same time so I choose joy. :)

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