Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blanketed in Love

Gratitude day 6: It's my birthday. My 58th year on this planet has not been an easy one for many reasons but in the midst of troubles and heartache, have been both lessons and hidden blessings. I find myself at the close of my 58th year and the beginning of my 59th feeling very blessed and so loved. There are two subjects that I avoid on Facebook, politics and religion, but I'm going to direct this gratitude directly to God so if that offends you, look away. It might surprise many of you to know that I am basically a very private person. Sure I share stories about my horses, usually funny, almost daily, sweet and funny memories, even a lot of what I eat whether it's good for me or not and very often my gratitudes even when it's not during the month of November but despite all of my sharing, it is mostly just "surface stuff." The very personal things, the things my heart speaks and often the things there just aren't words for, those stay between me and my God. Every morning, I try to say a prayer of thanks and prayers for all of the friends and loved ones who I know need them before I get out of bed. It's just a good way to start my day. This has been a very difficult year for me and during the most painful times, I was feeling broken in heart and spirit, I was feeling hurt and hopeless and I was wearing that pain like a heavy cloak. Then one day I woke and my spirt felt lifted, I felt unburdened, and most of all I felt overwhelmingly loved. I know that was God and I believe it was the direct results of friends' prayers because I never pray for myself. I know of many friends who kept me in their hearts and prayers while I was walking that dark road and I thank you. If you were one of them, I want you to know not only how grateful I am but also that your prayers were answered. I hope that God sees fit to answer mine, too, and that he surrounds you all with that love, joy, comfort and healing. I love you all more than words can say and I love God, too. I'm sharing this very personal thing with all of you because I sometimes wonder if my prayers are answered. It's not a matter of not having faith, it's just not knowing God's will and not always seeing tangible results. But know that all the prayers for me were answered and for that love and tender blessing and comfort, I am eternally grateful. I somehow knew, at the beginning of my 58th year, that it was going to be a difficult one but now, as I begin my journey into my 59th, I am filled with hope and love and gratitude for answered prayers.
Google actually wished me a, "Happy birthday," this cool is that? When I clicked on
the photo....because I couldn't believe it at actually said, "Happy birthday, Sande!" That made my day. :)

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