Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day One of a New Year or I Can See Clearly Now

I've decided to make my resolutions today since this is really my "new year." It is the first day of my 59th year on this twirling globe. I feel a bit like Bridget Jones but I probably won't be nearly as entertaining.

My resolutions are simple ones and I hope achievable ones:

1) Start getting out to take care of the horses very early.... at least by 7AM every morning.
Okay, already broke this one. It is now 9:42 a.m. and I'm still sitting here writing in my blog/journal. And it rained and stormed earlier so definitely not already done. Right now, the wind is blowing so hard that I'm afraid I'll be off to see the Wizard soon. Something heavy just hit the roof and lots of little things continue to pelt the house. The sky is almost black and yet the sun is shining...weird. Also, even though I do need to go feed the horses, they will be BSC with all of this wind.....for those who don't know what that is, it's my friend Gary's favorite phrase or description of certain people, bat sh*t crazy.

2)Start riding the horses again and working with Danny...... I was reminded that I need desperately to do this and stop putting it off when Danny pinned his ears at me and threatened to kick. It still took several hours before I could get away from the house and the phone to actually work him. He was really showing himself at first, throwing his head up and laying those ears back. He even fake threatened to charge me once but I kept his hooves moving and he finally started relaxing and listening. I was only able to work him about 15 minutes but every little bit helps.
I just have to start being consistent and working with him at least once a day. My b'day gift to myself yesterday was a call to my friend, Huston Jenkins. I not only adore Huston but he knows more about horses than anyone I know. He had a stroke two years ago and he's had several since. He's using a walker now and unable to work with his horses. That breaks my heart. We use to talk for hours and at least a couple of times each week but since the stroke, he's not always up to it. It's been two months since we last spoke and that time, I discovered he'd had another stroke just the day before. He was able to talk but he didn't really know me. Yesterday's conversation was a wonderful gift because my old friend did know me and we talked horses for over 35 minutes. He told me not to worry about Danny that he was just being a typical "teenager" and pushing those boundaries. He said that he would come around quickly because he's from good stock. Which is true since not only did Huston pick out the stallion that sired him but he raised his mama, my mare, Mouse. You can't get a better horse than a Huston Jenkins's horse!

3) Healthier diet, healthier lifestyle.......... translates to: exercise more, eat a more balanced diet and floss at least once a day. So far, I'm three for three in the fail column on my new resolutions. Oh well, it is just day one.

4) The biggie is to lose 59 pounds by my 59th birthday in 365 days! I think that is doable especially if I keep the other three resolutions. If I'm up early taking care of the horses, that should mean that I'm sleeping better, more and getting into bed at a decent hour for that 4AM alarm. Getting enough sleep is essential for not only health but weight loss. Then there is riding and working me, that will burn some calories and I believe working toward one goal can help you to achieve another simply from that feeling of accomplishing something. Besides, it will be fun and I get to spend more time with my horses so win-win. Of course, how resolution number three helps toward my weight loss goal is a no brainer.

I still have other goals for this year but they are the same ones from last year that I didn't do so we will wait until these new rules turn into habits and then try to accomplish some major strides with both my work and the remodeling, repair and clean up of this house.

I have to admit, this past year was a real stinker. There was more heartache than joy but with all of that came lessons and enlightenment. I think I am more capable now of actually working toward and achieving my goals. Also, like the old song says, "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone." Now, I have a plan and despite today's false start, I have all confidence that I will achieve all four of my "new year" resolutions.

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