Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day Two of Gratitude Month

Month of gratitude day two...... on a very lazy and peaceful day for me, I realize how lucky I am to have my health. I try to eat healthy but I do fall short of that goal occasionally.....that bag of Hersheys that mysteriously disappeared is a case in point..... and I do keep "trying" to exercise. But the point is, I could do much better with my efforts and I am blessed with health probably far better than I deserve. I think back over the years and I think how many times I've "dodged a bullet." That's what the doctor who did the surgery when I had malignant melanoma said; my cancer was large but the growth was lateral so it hadn't moved to my lymph nodes. "You've dodged a bullet." She said. "I'm very lucky." I said and she said, "You are very, very lucky." Then there are all of the accidents I've had from bike to car which, all things considered, should have killed me many times over. But every time, it seemed I was protected, saved, spared. The fact that I'm still around at nearly 58, this is my birthday month, is a miracle in itself and I am extremely grateful for not only that fact but how good I feel. I could feel better if I'd work out more so there will be a goal, a promise attached to this gratitude. And a bit of superstition, too, because I'm knocking wood right now. 

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