Friday, November 8, 2013

Day Two of My New Year and Horsie Pedicures

Wish I'd had my camera with me this morning for two reasons. One, I'm starting up the Tennessee Equestrian once again. The TN Eq. is a comprehensive guide to equine businesses, services and organizations for the Tenn. horse owner. I first had the idea for it four years ago but then, I planned to publish it as a beautiful print magazine. What a time for the American economy to take a nosedive. I sank too much of my own money into the project and borrowed far too much on my credit cards...which I'm still paying on....both of which were very bad ideas. The thing is, although my methods were bad, I still believe in the concept and so I'm revising it as a strictly online publication. I'm still adding free listings and a few paid ads. All of my close friends and associates are getting free ads because after all, I need something to show potential advertisers. I was hoping to get a shot of my farrier, Dale, working on my horses so that I can give him a large full colored ad. He is so good with the horses and an excellent farrier. I've been using him since I got my first horse and he is amazing. But, alas forgot the camera so he told me that the photo will have to wait until probably January when we'll have our next trim. The second reason that I wish I'd had my camera is because a small miracle happened....I'm so happy for small miracles :)........Riley, who has been extremely head shy and halter repellant since an apprentice at a stable where I kept him for a while left his halter on and turned him out with it. He became entangled in some limbs and not only wore sores on his face but a deep gash around one ear. Since that happened, I have only been able to get a simple rope halter on him and that always with great difficulty. We arrived at the pasture at dawn because Dale was due to arrive as soon as he dropped his kids off at school and at first, it appeared that this morning was going to be no different than any other. Django went into his halter like butter, Danny was his usual rude self but I still managed to halter him, Brandy was stubborn but it didn't take long to slip her halter on as well but Riley and Mouse.....forget about it! I told Steve that we'd do Brandy first, then the two boys and then I'd again try to halter my two rebels. Dale arrived and everyone was cooperating really well. With Brandy and Django done, I decided to let Steve hold Danny while I tried again to halter Riley and Mouse. First I tried Mouse and she still kept turning away from me. I even tried putting food in the feed bucket but she still moved away. Then I notice Riley standing in front of his feed bucket and looking shyly towards me. I walked over, put a little feed in his bucket and then gently wrapped the rope around his neck.....he didn't even flinch! Then, for the first time in over three years, I slipped a real halter over his nose and he didn't move!! I tell you, I needed the camera because it was a minor miracle. I've only been able to get a makeshift rope halter on him when I get one on at all. I led him over to where Dale was waiting and Riley was a perfect gentleman. By the time we finished, Mouse had figured out that putting on the halter meant getting food so she, too, let me halter her and lead her to Dale. I managed to get two birds with one stone because I asked Steve to hold her while I finally got the burrs out of her mane while she was forced to stand still. The morning didn't get off to a good start because I was awake and sick most of the night and had started off the day feeling miserable but those two little victories just rejuvenated me and my spirits. Now, I'm off to finally get my kitchen straightened and cleaned. Doing pretty good on the resolutions for today. Still haven't officially exercised but I have been moving all morning. I think it's going to end up being a great day!

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