Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gratitude for Gratitude's Sake

Day 9 and I find myself wondering what I'll write as my gratitude today. That isn't because it's hard to think of something but because there are so many things I'm thankful for. So today, I'm just grateful for being so blessed. I often wonder, how did I get so lucky? So, I'm grateful for gratitude. Grateful not only for the blessings but for the awareness of just how blessed I am and the expansion of heart and soul that being thankful and aware brings to you. Gratitude is not a selfless thing at all because it blesses the giver as much as the one it is directed at. When I was in school, my art teacher, Anne Scandlyn Powers, had a motto, "Art for Art's Sake." Well this thank you is kind of like saying, Gratitude for Gratitude's Sake because it becomes a beautiful circle that never ends and is a blessing in itself..... oh, and I'm also grateful to the above mentioned teacher because she opened my eyes to a new world of beauty and possibilities but I'll save that one for another of the 30 days. :)

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