Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Facebook Ads: JUST SAY NO!!!

I got off track on my healthy goals for this year. I was doing great and then a little bit of stress raises its ugly head and hisses at me and I go running for the chocolate to defend myself. Yesterday was a day for chocolate overload.

Today is off to a good start. Nice to have a good Tuesday to offset a Monday which seemed determined to not only live up to its reputation but surpass it for things going wrong. There is an old superstition in these Southern hills and valleys that my mom use to tell me about, if your ear itches, you are going to hear news - right ear is good news and left ear is bad. Well, I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I had poison ivy in my left ear which is not a good sign for any day much less a Monday.

If I'm being honest, even though my logical, educated side says all this old folklore is just so much baloney, there is part of me that still gets a bit nervous when my "nose itches for company" when the house is a mess, my "ears burn to let me know someone's talking about me" and especially when I get that rare itching ear that most certainly means I'm going to get some significant news, good or bad. I know I probably just read too much into coincidence but it does seem that when ever my nose itches, company does arrive unexpected and unannounced. So, the ear itching, even though it was most likely caused by some allergy or the dryer inside air caused by turning on our heaters, still set my nerves on edge and I soon found out there was a good reason for it.

Of course, I started worrying, that is my nature. I was concerned about my sister who is very ill but not talking to me so I truthfully worry about her constantly. I was also stressing over Steve making that 45 minute drive to work, how my horses and dogs weathered the severe drop in temperature from the night before and a dozen other things that were totally out of my control. But let's face the truth, worrying and stressing is just a constant state with me anyway.

I discovered that all of those previous worries were unfounded as soon as I opened my email. There were two messages that caught my eye right away, one was a notice of payment from my PayPal account and the other an invoice from Facebook ads. I knew that I hadn't recently taken out an ad on Facebook and that my last ad ended a month ago. I thought something smells fishy but I didn't realize how rotten this stinker really was until I opened the first email and had whatever sleepiness which remained in my morning shocked out of me. The bill was for $250! That may not sound like much to many of you but to me it is not only a major expenditure but it is made worse from the fact that I had not placed an ad and so was paying them for exactly zippo in return.

I spent the next hour on Facebook trying to straighten this out but if you've ever tried to deal with a problem or issue on Facebook, you know that is like trying to find a lost penny in the middle of the Amazon jungle without a map or a paddle for your boat. I finally found a way to notify them of this problem. I received the response that they would get back to me shortly. Shortly ended up meaning twelve hours later. Even taking the time difference between the East and West Coast, you have to figure that Facebook must be having lots of issues if it takes that long to hear from customer service.

I know you're probably asking if I got satisfaction or a refund. Well, I don't mean to insult your intelligence but really, what do you think? When I finally got their response, it turned out to be a tutorial on how to place an ad and how to follow the expense of that ad in your ads manager. Del replied to my inquiry, I hate when people sign business letters with just their first name and even worse when they start it off with "Hi Sande!" as if we're old friends exchanging pleasantries instead of a big business whore telling me to go screw myself.......so sorry for the crudeness but Del spoke to me, explaining each detail of the ads process as if I were a three year old which majorly pissed me off....ooops, sorry! I'm being crude again. So, this is how I responded to Del. Still haven't gotten a reply but as my husband, Steve, told me, "You might as well pucker up because you're kissing that $250 bye-bye."

Dear Del,

What I was trying to tell you is that I DID NOT RUN THIS AD. 

I have run ads successfully in the past. I know how the process works. I know how to set an ad up and how to set a start time and an end time. 

I did run an ad for the page in question that had a specific start time and was scheduled to end at the end of seven days. That ad ended nearly a month ago. 

I did not initiate this ad. I did not extend this ad. And I certainly would NEVER run any ad continuously.

My point being, since I have run ads with you in the past and I was well aware of the process, I think I would know whether or not I placed this ad and I did not. 

True, I did not check my account for activity but that was only because there should not have been activity to check for. I am the only one who has access to this ads account and also, I am the sole administrator of the page the ad was run on so the only explanation I can think of is that someone must have hacked my account. There was evidence of this on my personal page several weeks ago and I changed my password at that time. 

Thank you for your lengthy and thorough explanation but I assure you, I know how to read a receipt and I know how to place an ad and I also know how to examine my account for activity when I know there is activity on it. But I did not place this ad and I contest being charged for it.

If this has pointed anything out to me, it is how pointless your ads actually are since an ad running continuously, with or without my knowledge, should have driven more traffic to my page than it did. 

Sande Elkins

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