Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Pretty Mask

I've been thinking a lot lately about perception, how we see ourselves versus how others see us, the image we try to project to the world and what is actually seen. And that, in the end, none of it matters. I'm on a quest to discover the real me. I think I'm going to like her but she is a tricky little devil and keeps hiding from me under all of my own preconceptions of who I really am. Most of that image was given to me by others over the years and not usually by people who even liked me much less had my best interest at heart. That DHC challenge to write a movie poster about the next 12 months of your life and what you want to achieve?....I wrote that I wanted to discover me and I was surprised by how many people understood completely what I meant by that. It's really hard pulling off these masks. I loved doing Halloween art because it is the one time that you are allowed to be a bit wicked. I did a very large witch one time. She was very ugly and she was holding a princess mask in front of her face. I called it Isadora and the Pretty Mask. It was funny but I also think I was saying more with it than I realized. I'm Isadora and I've been hiding behind the pretty mask for years but l don't think I was fooling anyone, most of all me. The "pretty mask" for me has been trying to be and behave the way I thought everyone else wanted and expected me to. I was seldom true to myself and I think the real me got lost along the way. But I think she's still there, just hiding. As for Isadora, once she lays down the mask of perfection, I think she'll be surprised that she looks much better than she thought. I think Isadora is beautiful in her imperfection and not a witch at all. 

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