Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little Sande's Down the Stairs

This doesn't work with dogs either. Several years ago,  I fell down the basement steps. My dog Fred just stood there and whined and licked me. He was concerned and he was a very smart dog but telling him to go get Steve.... well evidently that only happens when Lassie is around and little Timmy is down the well. ....... oh, and husbands can't be trained either because Steve was watching TV and I think I yelled for thirty minutes before I finally felt like I could move again and hobbled through the house with several broken toes (you have to understand, I went head first so I'm laying upside down on the stairs and a bit dazed, it took me 30 min. to get to the point where I could get up much less walk.) I was not a happy camper and I did my own interpretation of the Verizon commercial by yelling in his face, "Can you hear me NOW???!!!"

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