Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inspiration and Smiles

My DHC Challenge for today was to list three people who always lift your spirits. I had to list four not three and I thought I should use them all as my gratitude for the day.

First, my husband of nearly 40 years, who is also my best friend, Steve. We still have our spats but we are more like quarreling siblings than battling spouses. After all of these years, we not only still love each other but trust, respect and admire each other over anyone else. He not only always has my back but the twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes still brings me a thrill and a smile.

Two, my cyber buddy (we cyber chat daily) and just all round good friend and spiritual advisor as well as inspiration, Gary. Gary and I met through another dear and very old friend of us both, Daryl. I think we were always supposed to be friends. He's helped me through some dark times by not only lending his advice, support and encouragement but also by sharing his wonderfully wicked sense of humor.

Three, my friend Pamie because no matter what's going on in either of our lives, however sad or depressing, we always seem to end up laughing. Pamie has been through some very devastating events over the last few years. I'm so happy that she cares enough about me and trusts me enough to share her heartache, frustration and anxiety brought on by things out of her control. But despite all of that, she still laughs, she still jokes, and she has the most infectious smile.

And lastly but certainly not least... and yes, I can count and know this is dear friend, Huston. He's 89 and up until a major stroke two years ago, he was still riding and training horses. He is the wisest, kindest person I know and he has the most tender heart. He's given me so much amazing advice over the years and he once said something that has had a profound effect on my life, "I had faith in you when you didn't have faith in yourself. I always knew what you were capable of doing." We use to talk at least once a week but usually much more than that. Our conversations have had to be shortened over the last two years as he's had more and more strokes but we're still talking and he still lifts my spirits more than anyone else and always, always makes me smile just when I hear his voice. Huston, for all that you've given to me over the years but mainly just for your friendship which is so precious to me, I thank you.
Communication..... Huston with our foal, Danny, meeting for the first time.

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