Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Law of Attraction

My DHC challenge for today: Find a picture that represents 1 of your physical activity goals.
It's odd because a friend just sent me an article about the law of attraction. That "law" is basically what Oprah Winfrey's secret was all about. The idea is if you imagine what you want for you, your life, your health, your profession and you concentrate on it every day, that thing will eventually come to you or at least the path to take to achieve it. It reminds me of a story I read as a child about a little one who desperately wanted a pony so they began to not only imagine that pony but acquire the brushes, buckets, blankets they needed to care for the pony. Each day they would carry those things out to a little shed behind their house and in the story, the pony gradually started to become a reality until one day, there was a stocky, fuzzy, warm and very solid little pony standing in front of them. It sounds really odd but basically that was also the story told in the article but with a grown up lady and the horse she dreamed of owning and in the end, she got the horse. Somehow, despite all of the celebrity hype and that story of its success, it just doesn't seem possible that it could be that easy. I know that the dream and imagining the dream as real can be an amazing motivator and perhaps that's all it is. Perhaps there is far more inside of each of us than we realize. And perhaps, believing in ourselves is where we really need to start. We are so much more capable than what we imagine. We can achieve our dreams. And believing that, believing in our own strength and ability to overcome the obstacles in our path and each day accomplishing just a tiny bit more and moving a little bit closer, perhaps that is what that law of attraction is all about. So, today will be my first day to start looking at the many things I want to change about my life and not see the problems, the things holding me back but instead seeing what I know I can accomplish if I put in the effort. It's time to stop worrying about those negative "what ifs?" and instead to believe in the positive "what ifs." I'm going to try doing this for a week and see what a difference it makes. If the results are as positive as I imagine they will be, I'll do it for a month...and then another and another. I'm really starting to get excited wondering and imagining where I might be a year from now with my fitness, all of the repairs I need to make to my house, my career and business, those poor horses currently unridden and somewhat neglected (not with food, water and shelter which they are well supplied with but the things lacking are my time and attention.) Those are my goals for the next year, improving all of those is my dream. So, let's see where I'm at, what I'm feeling and seeing about all of those in a year. I keep seeing these huge obstacles when I have the ability and the good health to clear most of that away with time and patience. None of this will happen over night and none will happen without a lot of effort on my part but none of it is impossible either and achieving it doesn't have to involve a miracle but just a lot of hard work, drive, and belief in the possibilities.

I got off track on this one (when do I not?) because the challenge was all about physical fitness but I can see how this and the motivation it encourages applies to many factors in my life. I'm grateful today, the last day in the month of gratitude, for all of my blessings and the ability to turn those things that are not so great in my life around. I know I can with God's help and direction. And I think I will start a book of motivation where I put all of those sketches I make of how my house will look when it's finished, photos of me when I was fit, very healthy and happy, me riding my horses which will motivate me because I've come so far from those early days and its time that I start finding the time for my horses, me and the things I love to do, and as for my work, just this morning I was thinking about past success and how I won't achieve that again unless I not only put in the effort but the confidence and belief in myself.... in other words, I have to stop hiding away and put myself out there again, start promoting me...and not just with my work but in all areas of my life. I've done this before; I can do this again. 

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