Saturday, December 7, 2013

Angel Feathers

Feathers are a reminder that our Angels are always near and watching over us. This is an example of my custom made, just for you, memory pendants. These two by two inch metal and glass frames are viewable from both front and back and will have unique art work on both sides that is designed just for you. I will take your personal photo, treasured quotes, a snippet of a letter, invitation, announcement, song, locks of hair, feathers and other precious memories and created a unique and very personal piece of jewelry. Your personal photos and other paper memorabilia will not be damaged. I will make copies of them from which to create your pendant and then I will return the originals to you, with your pendant, unharmed.

There is a long story behind these pendants. The one shown contains a photo of my mother as a baby. On the back is a poem written for me by my dear friend, Renee Fukumoto: 

He spread His arms
to die
and, rising,
Gave me wings
to fly
~ r
Glory in the wings He gave you Sande!!

Included with the poem are a few small feathers and it is with them that the story begins and the idea for these memory pendants was born. When I lost my mother twenty-three years ago, it devastated me. She wasn't just a parent, she was my best friend. I'd toyed with the idea of seeing a psychic for years but I maintained an open minded skepticism where such things were concerned. Finally, I decided to make an appointment with someone who claimed to be a medium but I went into that meeting quite expecting to be disappointed. We talked about many things and the medium brought up things about my life, my plans and dreams that no one else could have known. Finally, I asked about my mom. He described things about her also that he could not have known and then he told me that she still watched over me and that she sent me feathers as a reassurance. I left the meeting still not quite convinced and then as I parked my car later, a beautiful blue feather with white spots....quite an unusual site....came floating in the window and landed gently in my lap. Suddenly, my disbelief was swept away and my faith in the feathers increased each time one appears. It seems I never see them until I am troubled or upset over something. When I'm very sad, the feathers seem to just magically appear. This has been going on for many years but this past September, I lost someone who'd been my best friend since we were wee little girls. She told me, a few weeks before she died, that soon I'd have another angel watching over me. On the morning she passed away, I was rushing to take care of my horses so I could return to my friend's bedside. Her brother had called me a little earlier to tell me that she wasn't doing well. I was understandably upset as I hurried through my chores and then I see floating down from the sky, two feathers, one larger and one small. I immediately put the larger feather into a locket with the handwritten message, best friends forever and love you. I took it to her but I was too late for her to see it. Her brother tied it to a prayer quilt the Methodist ladies had made for her and the feather locket and quilt were buried with her. At her funeral, I was nervous because I had to speak. I was walking to her gravesite with her cousin, Suzy, when Suzy suddenly gasped and pointed to the ground. There at my feet was a beautiful white feather. I knew she was watching over us all. I kept looking for feathers over the next few weeks but didn't spot any until I was at the barn with my horses one day and thinking about my friend. I said out loud, "I miss you so much!" and what should appear but a lovely feather, perfect and undamaged despite the recent rain and all of the mud around it. So, you see, my own feather locket holds more than precious memories; it is a daily reminder that I am loved and I continue to love these two precious angels who watch over me. 

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