Monday, December 2, 2013

DHC Challenge for today: Mix it up: Do 1 thing differently today, such as walking a new route or eating in a new spot.
I wish I could say that my change was finally getting to the horses on time but that ship has sailed. I had great intentions and rose before 4AM. Unfortunately, I waited until sunrise and time to feed the horses before I realized that I needed to make some changes to some settings in my online store. Then I felt the need to post all of the new items to my Facebook page. It would have been so much easier to have done this all at the same time but I thought, I'll make it quick and just post to my personal page for now. So, after that was done, I checked my personal page and decided to share with my business page....where I should have put them in the first place. After sharing all of them....I think at least 15 items....and posting prices and details for each one, I checked the business page and realized that FB had me posting as a visitor instead of page administrator which means, my posts were not showing up on the main page. Which means, I had to transfer them all again and then realized, the details and pricing weren't transferring with them........aaaaaaargh! So, it is nearly 10AM and I haven't fed the horses yet! I know they aren't happy and despite my good intentions, nothing was done differently since these distractions are becoming habit.

So, for my thing to do differently today, I think I'll take a walk at lunch. I work from home so my lunches are often...or hour long even though I don't eat for that long. I usually catch up on one of my favorite TV shows but most of those are in hiatus now so that will give me even more motivation to get up off my duffus and walk! That would be a good habit to start today and tomorrow, I promise I'll get to the horses much earlier......but don't tell them because I hate for them to be disappointed. If I make it, it will be a nice surprise for them. :)

Happy Monday, all.....we're starting not only a week but a new month full of possibilities!

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