Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Finally got an answer to yesterday's challenge which was to add some new crunch to our salads. I'm adventurous with my salads already so I didn't know if I could think of a thing. Then I saw a show on PBS where they were adding apples to a salad in a whole new way. Although I've added apples to a salad before, for our Sunday lunch, I julienned the apples (the thin strips added a whole new level of texture and crunch), added the last of the smoked turkey, green peppers, chopped onion, celery (that's a new one in the salad for me...except for chicken salad), walnuts, a bit of bacon (low fat, lean bits from Hormel), carrots and romaine. I then did something I hardly ever do but I think I will make a habit of, I made me own dressing and then did something I have never done before, I tossed the salad with the dressing....and we loved it!!! I will do this from now on, not only will I know what is going in our bodies (no chemicals) but I used far less dressing and every ingredient was lightly coated. It was definitely good and something I now plan to make a habit of. We've always been salad eaters but we were talking yesterday about making one week a month, salad month and having nothing for dinner all week but salads.

I got some good news on Friday. I was "double scoped" and discovered some interesting things. All of my tummy problems have been caused by a lot of tummy ulcers. That is good news because it brings not only an explanation but hopefully, a cure. Also, no damage found from Celiacs so that probably means that I'm just gluten intolerant like 78% of the population. It also means that, although I will continue to be cautious and watch what I eat, I no longer have to worry that a small amount of gluten or the rare splurge is going to kill me. I might be uncomfortable for a while but no permanent damage to my body. No, I discovered that I'm healthier than I deserve to be and it's time I stop taking that for granted.

Yesterday, I set up a new blog.....I know you're thinking that I don't keep up with the too many blogs I already have. But honestly, this blog is a good idea. I've decided to make 2014 the year of artistic growth for me. I'm just finishing up my little to come soon!!!.....and I'm ready to get started making art once again. I thought that this online diary would not only help motivate me but also chronicle my growth. I'm not only anxious to get started but looking forward to the end of another year so I can see how well I've done.

Okay, I have work to do this Monday....which is a good thing, three orders to get out the door...yay! I had better get down to the challenge at hand, name a way you save on toiletries. I buy tissue paper and paper towels in bulk....I know, those aren't officially toiletries but they are used in the same room. We also buy the large containers of hand soap at the discount store. I do try to buy our other items on sale but I'm picky about the brands I use with shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. I have bought our toothbrush heads for the electric in bulk...not always a great idea because some of them didn't work. We use a water flosser so that is saving. I'm interested in reading the tips everyone else posts. I'm hoping I learn some new ways to save money.

Have a great last week of the year, everyone! I know this hasn't been the best year for many of us but we are about to began a new journey with loads of possibilities!

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