Sunday, December 22, 2013

List 3 healthy snacks you can reach for in the evening, such as fruit, nuts, or popcorn.

ahhhh, I needed to be reminded of this one. With all of the rush and hubbub of this time of year, my diet has become a mixed bag of very healthy combined with very...very...very bad. Yesterday, I ended up talking with a friend until late and then deciding I wasn't sleepy and would watch TV for a while. I also had eaten very little for dinner and so was hungry. I had peanut butter and rice crackers....not so bad but not so good either especially that late at night! I'm going to have a load of New Years resolutions this year. The only problem with that, I see my doctor on the 6th and I know she is going to expect the needle on the scale to have gone down significantly over the last three months not risen to new heights.....yikes.......sooooo, my three healthy foods to reach for? 1) raw veggies either by themselves or with a yogurt dip. And occasionally forgo the carrots for other vegetables like sliced turnips or cauliflower. 2) I don't think peanut butter is a bad choice especially just a little bit since the protein will stop your hunger faster. Instead of the rice crackers I used last night, why not celery or an apple? 3) Finally, I have to say the popcorn. I love popcorn but I don't eat it very often. Try making it in the microwave. There are bowls made for that that are just dandy. Then spray it with a buttery cooking spray just so your seasoning will stick....yummy. :)

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