Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mouse constantly amazes me with her reasoning powers....especially where food is concerned. I have two small shelters for them to get out of the weather but still haven't gotten the large barn I was promised nine years ago...hint, hint, Steve Elkins. With a barn with individual stalls, I could easily separate them at feeding time. As it is, Mouse and the three boys go into the round pen to eat while Brandy eats her massive meal (their ration is measured by handfuls and hers by pounds) in a huge round pan outside of the pen. You know the others have taken notice of this, especially Princess Mouse. Today, I was shocked when the three boys all agreed to go into the round pen without encouragement. There was a reason, the protagonist in the usual meal time drama and conflict is the Mouse. Riley is so intimidated by her that he waits until she is busy eating before he'll even consider going into the same small space as her. But today was different because Mouse was the one and only who refused to enter the round pen. Instead, she walked down and stood in front of Brandy's bowl and looked at me with this sweet, innocent look that reminded me of the look I'd give my mom every year around this time when I was trying to procure a seat at the big people's table. Mouse had decided, if she just looked innocent enough and as if this were normal enough, I'd screw up and give her the Brandy sized helping. She was wrong but I thought it was a valiant and praise worthy effort, hahaha.

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