Thursday, December 19, 2013

Everything Old is New Again!

Today's DHC Challenge:

Share how you saved money by buying an item used rather than new.

Up early working and it feels good. I'm making so much progress on my house and other projects lately. I have orders to get out with my work which is something I haven't had in plural for a while now....darn, dipsy doodle economy, lol. And I have the perfect answer for this challenge question.... I've been working hard to revamp my office/studio. I started this project a long while ago and then it just stalled. Things began to pile up into a disorganized mess and I never seemed to have the energy or enthusiasm to tackle it until now. I'm very proud of me because I've been working hard for several weeks and now, I've finally reached the end of this journey. There are still some things to do but today, I'm working on my first work in my new digs. I'm hoping to paint some shelving, my work bench and drawing/drafting table this weekend and then this will be the room I've dreamed of for so long. It's a small room but is bright and cheerful and now, free of clutter and organized....yay, me! So, today's challenge brings me to one of the last projects I'll do but one which is definitely saving me money. I wanted a stool to sit on at my drawing table. I looked on line for the best bargain, went to and found several possibilities but I kept thinking that the price tag, even discounted, was still more than I'd like to pay for what might turn out to be a "pig in a poke" (good ol' descriptive Southern saying.) Everything looked a bit spindly and not worth the asking price.Then I remembered an old wooden stool I'd bought years ago to refinish and sell that was still sitting in my basement. It was missing several rungs that I'd planned to replace in an "artful, creative" way but it was still solid wood and extremely comfortable. I found it in the basement, covered with spider webs and brought it upstairs where I sat down on it and discovered that it was very comfortable, perfect for long hours sitting in front of that table. Currently, it is the ugliest shade of gray I've ever seen but when I paint it and add new decorative rungs to replace the missing ones, it will be perfect. Not only will I have saved a hundred dollars or more but I will have something that is special to me that I can use and enjoy every!

Hey, just thought of something else in this room that I'm revamping instead of buying new, the furniture....all of it! I looked at shelves and those in my price range were either   cheaply built or ugly or both. Then I remembered the shelves my husband built for me when I was selling retail. Like the stool I talk about above, they were being used in the basement but after taking some measurements, I discovered that two of those units would fit perfectly with a computer table he also built for me which is being turned into my workbench (it is also very sturdy and large.) So, I'm repainting all of that. An ugly old chair which will provide extra seating in here, I will make a nice slipcover for that matches the rest of the decor. And then there is my drafting table which is small but perfect for this room that I have had since my college days....ancient.....I plan to repaint it this weekend, too. And my current and permanent desk in here is an antique library desk complete with lion head drawer pull and metal claw feet! It could use refinishing, too but I kind of like its bumps and bruises and battle scars. It reminds me a lot of myself, lol.

Photos of the finished room and stool to come!

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