Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13 of This New Year

Well, after dropping 2 pounds on Friday, I seem to have gained 4 in the ensuing two days. That doesn't seem possible but I went from being far more active than usual to sitting around like a slug because of the fall on Saturday. The good news, my arm seems to be completely healed, no stiffness or pain. That's a big yay! But now, it's Monday and I'm feeling like a tossed out banana peel. Oh well, let's see....I stayed up far too late last night so I know I need to go to bed earlier. I don't know what that reluctance is about. Laid around all weekend so that's another reason for lethargy. I need to move more, that's a given. And it is a Monday. It seems no matter how happy I try to be about the first day of a new week full of possibilities, it's still a Monday. And unless I accomplish something this week, make great strides toward my goal, I'll continue to see Monday as just a reminder of my failures not a doorway to possibility. So, to remedy that, I guess I need to get busy and accomplish something. Next post, we'll see how that's working for me. Have a great week everyone; it is full of endless possibilities.....and opportunities for failure but, as my pal, Huston, was always telling me, you can just as easily succeed as fail. Things can go right as easily as they can go wrong. So, here's a toast to a week that I hope everything goes right (for a change, lol) and I/we succeed!

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