Friday, January 31, 2014

Week Two is Full of......a little bit of everything!

It has been an eventful week. Last Saturday, a large log rolled off of a stack that Steve was planning on cutting up and splitting for fire wood. It pinned his leg against the sharp edged loader on the tractor. A trip to the ER resulted in six stitches but the good news that there was no serious damage to his leg. It is still badly bruised and a bit swollen but he's getting around better every day. I'm glad that he's been home all week because we've had snow three days this week. Not only did I not have to worry about him driving those curvy roads to OakRidge but, as a bit of therapy, he started going with me to feed teh horses mid-week. I tried to keep him from over doing, which is an impossible task if you knew Steve, but the extra pair of hands certainly helped.

So, it is the end of the cleanse and I've lost 6lbs!!! This was not a radical cleanse or diet. I had plenty to eat. All of the fresh vegetables I could manage and lots of lean meat, chicken breasts for us. I got really creative with the meal planning. I did a chicken fajita mix with added beans, garlic,tomatoes and hot peppers on Monday. There was enough left over for our lunch on Tuesday. We ate it on top of crisp lettuce and topped with sliced avocado. In fact, Steve requested that meal again on Tuesday night. I'd put a large family pack of chicken breasts in the crock pot at the start of the cleanse and we ate those all week along with eggs that we had both boiled and scrambled and always with some sort of green on the side, kale saute'd with garlic in a little olive oil, roasted broccoli which we even had for breakfast and even cabbage cooked with onions and garlic. We never went hungry and I didn't even miss the fruit. I'm still trying to stick to the no processed food, gluten or sugar rule but we may have a pizza (as yet, not decided we might wait and have chile instead) for Super Bowl Sunday and I'm allowing myself two pieces of fruit a day. I'm feeling much better, my face is clearing up from the rash that has plagued me for over six months and did I mention that I've lost six pounds? :)

Snow Days in East Tennessee:

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