Sunday, January 5, 2014

My DHC challenge for today was to title a book about the last 12 months of your life.

I would much rather label the next 12 months of my life. That title would say some thing about hope, renewal, progress, possibilities. The past year was one of the worst of my life but I was just talking with my husband yesterday about, despite the heartache and grief, I have come out of this dark year much stronger and certainly, if not wiser, at least with my eyes wide open and aware. So, if I had to define a title for the past year, it would be something like Phoenix or Rising from the Ashes or Renewal and Finding Yourself in the Process. I've always said that while good, happy and peaceful times are essential, we still don't grow during them. Growth only comes from adversity. I know that many people have been through much harder times than I have but we each have our own experience and what goes on in the physical world is sometimes only a hint at what conflict and pain is going on inside someone. I hope that this past year has made me more aware and more sensitive to just how deep emotion and pain can go. I hope it has also taught me to forgive. Forgiveness truly is the gift we give to ourselves because the release and freedom it offers is beyond measure.

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