Monday, February 17, 2014

I've recently started running up and down the hills over in the pasture. Our DHC challenge today was to start a new exercise or start doing an old one again. I'd also love to pump up the bike tires and get them out of the garage soon. I may actually need new tires because they've been sitting in there, gathering dust for a very long time.  The reason we stopped riding the bikes (and we were fanatics about it, 10-20 miles each day, rain or shine, hot or cold and around 65 miles a day on the weekends...and that on mountain trails!), was an accident I had on our own country road not far from my house. Long story but basically, I was being chased by one dog and peddling hard to outrun it. I was looking back at that dog when its brother jumped off a ledge right in front of me. I hit the dog and my bike flipped catapulting me twenty feet through the air while I tried to turn to keep from landing on the top of my head. I hit the ground on the side of my head and my shoulder and then skidded 15 feet until I came to a stop at the wheels of a truck whose driver thankfully saw what was happening and stopped. Except for a concussion and major road burn that had ripped my clothing and skin off one side of my body, I was unharmed but I was left with a residing and haunting fear for many years after that. I tried to keep riding for the next few months after the accident

but found that I was suddenly terrified of riding down hill which makes riding almost impossible around here. That was almost twenty years ago, I become inactive and put on a lot of weight. I've recently come to terms with my fears. It took me long enough but I feel renewed and ready to get back out there and get moving!

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