Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rachel Frederickson, the 2014 winner of the Biggest Loser.
Personally, I think she looks great and healthy. I don't think her weight loss was any more dramatic than the two men's. There has been such controversy and I hate the way Jillian and Bob seemed to distance themselves and throw Dolvett under the bus on this. Rachel has stated that she eats the 1600 calories a day that the show's nutritionist suggested. She is an athlete though, world class swimmer, and I imagine she might be addicted to exercise now. Plus there is the competition and she is a competitor so that would urge her to lose even more weight. From all of her statements, she is concentrating on maintenance now not any more weight loss. I seem to recall many male winners who lost as much in the past and several very thin female competitors, too. To me, this almost feels like a case of sore losers.
As an athlete, she probably has developed an incredible metabolism. She says that she eats 1600 calories a day. It could be that she's just exercising too much. She was a world class swimmer before putting on the weight and she finished that triathlon way ahead and way easier than any of the others. I'm hoping that her weight levels out in the weeks to come and that she hasn't become addicted to losing weight. I very much have an addictive personality and when I was exercising three to four hours a day and eating around 1200 calories, I lost a lot of weight very quickly. I lost down to 105 at first but thankfully, had no desire to be smaller. I eventually leveled "up" to 135 and was very happy there. That's the weight I'd like to be again. The thing about anorexics is they see themselves as fat even when they are terribly thin. I wasn't like that and Rachel didn't seem like that either. Like her, I became addicted to exercise and weight loss and lost too much initially but good sense eventually kicked in and brought me back to a healthy weight.

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