Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The news and social medias have been all abuzz about the Biggest Loser and Rachel Fredrickson's extreme weight loss to win the show. It is ironic that a show that constantly promotes quick, unhealthy weight loss is now criticizing someone for doing just what they've been taught to do? I read an article about something Lindsey Vonn said. She was talking about going to movie festivals and openings with Tiger Woods and how it makes her feel to be amongst all of these reed thin women. She called them skinny-fat because she said that they might be super thin but they were the unhealthiest bunch she'd ever seen and covered in cellulite. The news media's take on this, Lindsey Vonn has body image issues!??? They don't see or won't admit that the media, movies and fashion promote unhealthy lifestyles and weights but that Lindsey is the one with the problem for pointing it out. The news media are still talking about her statements and it is so sad to me. I think of all of the young girls who starve themselves to try and look like the movie stars and models. I think about the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence being called fat in the news! My argument with Biggest Loser wasn't that Rachel was indeed at least ten pounds underweight but that they were being hypocritical about the purpose of their show which isn't about health but how you look in the end. Our society needs a major makeover!

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