Thursday, April 17, 2014

Square Pegs

A few weekends ago, I saw my friend Jane and I confessed something to her. At our last high school class reunion nearly 20 years ago, a group of classmates, including she, asked us to go out with them for drinks after the reunion. I was so thrilled that I called my then best friend, Anne, the next day and excitedly said, "The cool kids asked me to go out with them!" I told Jane that I always felt like an outsider, the class nerd and she said, "Of course you did because in those days, the smart kid was always the nerd because everyone else resented them." Somehow that didn't make me feel any better, lol, because I knew that but I didn't realize that was how everyone else saw me.....oh, of course I realized it, sheesh. Who am I kidding? I guess I was always the nerd, the smart kid and I spent my teenage years and part of my adulthood always trying to pretend otherwise and fit in. It's taken a lot of years for me to realize that we're all square pegs as long as we're trying to fit into someone else's notch and not our own. Finally comfortable in my own little perfectly fitting space. :)

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