Sunday, May 11, 2014

DAY 11
 Set a digital curfew. Strong light from electronics can disturb your sleep clock by tricking your brain into thinking it's daytime. Choose instead to curl up with a good book; the virtual world will still be there in the morning.    —Kris Carr

Chris Freytag's rule of the day: Move! There are 2 types of activity: programmed and spontaneous. Think of programmed activity as scheduled workouts, like your WOWs, that require you to slip on your fitness clothes. Spontaneous movement is everything else: your walk to the coffee shop, your extra lap on a wooded trail, your stroll around the office to say "hi" to someone in another department. Just a few little bursts of activity throughout the day can reduce your risk of chronic health problems, including weight gain and cardiovascular disease.

This has been a stressful week and an altogether upsetting day. It's a long story and very personal. Even though I've shared some pretty personal stuff in the past, this time it concerns someone else and out of respect for their privacy, I will just keep my mouth shut. I will say that I went above and beyond to help a friend and then they turned on me, blamed me for their own failings. It happens. So, I was upset, both angry and hurt and more than a little confused. I was not being the most pleasant person to be around this morning but instead of getting angry at me for my nasty attitude, my sweet husband understood. He kept advancing with an olive branch and eventually, the fog.... or more likely steam....cleared from my vision and I was able to see his offer of an afternoon walk as the gift that it was. I consider it a gift because it was exactly what I needed. I not only had a new attitude once I'd spent some time out in the gentle sunlight, soaking in the beauty around me and spending some time with my sweetie but I also had a new perspective on the situation. Yes, that spontaneous activity can be a wonderful thing. So, the next time someone tells you to go take a hike, don't get mad, just start walking. :)

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