Thursday, May 29, 2014

I promise to catch up on the 28 day challenge soon. It is over with and I never got off of the starting block! My DHC challenge for this morning was to take a 5 minute, mid year assessment of where you are at. Firstly, I was shocked that it was mid year but I actually had already done this yesterday. Here is my response to the challenge..... Well this company's CEO says that I'm not doing well, not living up to expectations or meeting goals. I might not fire myself but a dock in pay might be appropriate if I were getting paid at all. Actually, I held a little personal assessment yesterday. I have several goals that I've been trying to get rolling for a long time. I was really hopeful with the new year and then life interfered with living. I'm not going to start whining because I have many dear friends with real troubles but lots of my time has been spent helping those friends and not working toward my own goals. My husband pointed that out to me yesterday while I was running myself down for not meeting career and financial goals for the first half of this year....or personal fitness and lifestyle goals either. He told me that what I had done for my friends would count for more in the long run. I know that is true and I was more than happy to help my friends but still in debt and angry at myself for it. The good news, this is a new day full of possibilities and opportunity and I'm, for once, feeling great.........if a little nervous waiting for that other shoe to fall on my head and interrupt my day. ;-)

I'm going to do my best to change this around and as a DHC friend told me, drop the defeatist attitude.

Some sound advice from a friend's DHC response: "Some simple and great guidance from Rhonda Bryne for 2014:
"Do whatever you can to feel good, because when you feel good, life will be good. The better you feel, the better life will get! Think about, talk about, and focus on the areas of your life that make you feel good, and temporarily keep off the subjects that don't make you feel good. When you do this one simple thing, everything in your life will get better, whether that's better relationships, health, money, or better circumstances with your job. Nothing in your life can ever improve until you feel better, and when you feel better, everything will improve. Make feeling as good as you can your number one priority for 2014, and it will be the best year of your life!""

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