Monday, May 5, 2014

Prevention magazine has started a 28 day fitness and health challenge. I'm already three days behind because I'm just now checking my email which always builds up to an enormous amount when I don't check and clean it up every day. Sooooo, question is, does anyone want to join me on this challenge? If you do, here is where you can sign up to get free exercise and meal plan and daily email newsletter:

Here's the catch up:

DAY 1: Chris Freytag's rule of the day: Eat clean. We know that avoiding processed junk zooms our bodies to health, but it is so easy to get off track. So this month, we're recommitting to filling the fridge with the foods that make us feel as good as they taste. To help you clean up your diet and reap the benefits (weight loss, decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer—and more), check out our simple rules for eating clean.

I was doing so well with eating clean when I was gluten free for four years. After my scope this year which showed no damage from celiacs, I added bread and other foods containing gluten back into my diet. Perhaps the damage done was just healed. I am having another scope in two months and since I'm now consuming gluten like a mad woman, we should be able to see the effects. As far as healthy eating goes, the gluten shouldn't have made such a difference as far as watching the ingredients lists on grocery products. What changed that was the horrible stomach bug that I had a few months ago. Starvation for a week can radically change your attitudes about food and what you crave and desire. With me it was red meat in the form of real cheeseburgers and steaks. Perhaps my body was craving the meat because of the severe dehydration and nutrient loss I suffered but that doesn't explain the sudden craving for sugars and pastas and did I mention sugar? The good news is that I've started craving healthy food again. Despite that fact, I had a cheeseburger for lunch and it was delicious and I did enjoy it. I realize that I desperately need to lose weight. I also know that I don't want to fill my body up with ingredients I can't even pronounce. So, I do plan to start thinking about what I'm eating, reading the labels but also trying to eat as green and close to the vine as I possibly can but also, I will indulge myself occasionally with a cheeseburger, a piece of chocolate or a bowl of ice cream. What would life be without the occasional indulgence? But the word OCCASIONAL is significant because it will be neither special or an indulgence if I make a habit of it and it also won't be a fraction as enjoyable.

DAY 2: Set an intention. What do you want to achieve this month? Renew your health? Lose a little weight? Restore your confidence? Write it down and post it somewhere you'll see daily. —Kris Carr

Okay, I'm going to write this here and then I'll also put it on a post it and stick it on my computer because that way, I will definitely see it daily.

My Intentions:
To develop an exercise habit by promising to do something every day of this month and trying to improve each day.
To begin to monitor what I eat more closely not only for calories and fat but also for sodium, sugar and those unknown ingredients you can't pronounce.
To gain more confidence in myself and begin looking out for myself occasionally as much as I do for others.

Sure I want to be fitter, I want to be thinner and I want more confidence but I think setting out my intentions as a process rather than a goal will get me there a lot faster than just stating my goals with no clear road map.

DAY 3: Get clear on your feelings. Do you want more energy? More space? Do you want to feel lighter? Once you know, you can reverse engineer your success from that space. Feelings 1st. Outcomes 2nd. Ultimate alignment, check! —Kris Carr

Feelings? What do I really want? I definitely want to feel lighter and not just physically but emotionally. I want my life to be more balanced and organized. I want more energy. I want to better manage my time and priorities.

DAY 4: If you're not interested in going full-tilt vegan, make plants your main dish and animal products the side dish, and while you're at it, dump the processed white stuff, especially sugar. Reduce your consumption of animal products to 2-3 times per week and do your best to avoid factory-farmed meat. —Kris Carr

This one will be harder. I realized when I tried to eliminate sugar from my diet for a candida cleanse that sugar hides in so many foods, especially processed foods. I also really love the other "white" foods, potatoes, pasta, rice. I think I need to cut down on those also or else substitute sweet potatoes for the white ones, veggies for the pasta and stick with purple rice (which I like much better than brown but I still won't be giving up the extra fiber.) Now to my other sins.....the first is cheese and butter....butter not such a problem to give up especially since I most enjoy it with foods containing sugar but cheese, geeze! We use cheese on everything or practically everything. I try to stick with lower fat varieties but let's get honest here, low-fat cheese is really an oxymoron. Okay, meat only 2-3 times a week.....hmmm? I can do it but it will be hard since I have to make food that satisfies my husband also. Of course he...unlike me....can live on beans and rice so that would be an option for veggie days. Also, I wonder how they feel about fish and shellfish? I'll keep working on this one.

DAY 5: Just say 'no'. It's easy to get bogged down by to-do lists and commitments. I've caught myself saying things like, 'Once I'm over this hump I'll have more breathing room.' But here's the thing about humps: There's always another one. Saying 'yes' may feel good, but a gentle (yet firm) 'no' is often what your body needs. —Kris Carr

 I think I discussed this at length a few days ago because of all of the commitments I've made lately that have me stretched to my breaking point and so stressed out. The problem is, all of these 
tasks and commitments that are causing me so much stress have been voluntary. In other words, I'm doing it to myself! So, I think the first person I need to say no to is ME. 

This is the Week 1 Exercise Plan
I will post the recipes as I try them. I think it may be a few days before I start the diet part in earnest because I have the vet coming out for the horses' annual exam tomorrow and so many tasks I'm behind on that I don't know when I'll be able to sit down and make a grocery list much less get to the store. BUT I will make every effort to make this happen in the next few days. I'll also be adding the squat challenge below. I was doing this before that awful bug and it was helping me tremendously. Squats are the best exercise. So, I'm going to make this one a habit again.

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