Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And again from the start.....

Years ago, the theory that chocolate caused acne and breakouts was dismissed because of a study where two groups were given either real chocolate or a placebo and both still broke out. But the flaw in that study and conclusion is that the candy bars had something else in common, something that wasn't changed or withheld from either group, sugar. Processed carbs are now proven to cause not only acne but all sorts of health problems. I tried giving up all processed carbs a few months ago. The diet did help some health issues I had but I didn't have the willpower to stick to the cold turkey sugar fast for very long and when I started eating carbs again, I binged...... big time. So, my idea now is to drop processed foods out of my diet gradually. The only problem with that is I have a huge sweet tooth that rules my cravings. I use to solve that problem with artificial sweeteners but they've proven to be even more threatening to our health than sugars. So, I will just have to become more aware of what I'm eating and find a daily level that is acceptable. There is a free website,, which has a great food diary that you insert your diet into and it calculates all of your nutritional totals. I think I will start using it again and I'll let you all know how it goes. When I was younger, I think I was much wiser with my diet because I accomplished this by allowing myself only one carb per day. That carb could be a baked potato or rice. It could be a serving of breakfast cereal. Occasionally, as a treat, a small serving of pasta. Seldom was it bread since I didn't eat as much bread at that time. That one small serving of carbs seemed to satisfy me especially when it wasn't a processed carb and instead something like a potato. Also, once I'd followed the diet for a while so that I wasn't sabotaging myself, I allowed myself a weekly treat like a small ice cream or slice or two of pizza. Another trick I used then that I should be doing now was I not only increased my intake of fresh vegetables, two servings with dinner, I made sure we had a salad also and usually made a meal of a large salad at lunch. I remember my mom was amazed by how much I ate on my diet and yet I was losing weight. I keep wondering why I can't lose weight or keep off weight lost now. I've blamed my age, my slowing metabolism but the truth is, I don't follow the same plan. I try to radically deny myself foods I enjoy and then when I ultimately fall of the wagon, I hit hard and end up eating too much again because I think I deserve it. It's time I changed my mindset. And I will try to chronicle my progress or falls here so that I have to remain honest and hopefully on track. 

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