Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 04

Down another half of a pound today. That's great but I still have to get my sleep straightened out and start exercising and working with the horses. When you feel wiped out all day from lack of sleep, it is hard to do anything. BUT I did order some material to finish the bedroom revamp and I worked on several layouts for furniture. I'm trying hard to find a stylish way to use all of the furniture I have. I've accumulated too much for this little house. I hope that I can jump back into the remodeling fully over the next few weeks. There are a few more things to sort out but once things start falling into place in one room I think that will energize and inspire me to finish the others. I'll start posting sketches of what I want to do soon. And when I begin work, I'll try to follow along with my progress on each project. Lots to do but it's like losing this weight, it all seems more manageable when I break it down into tiny little doable segments.

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