Tuesday, June 24, 2014

  • I'm loving this flex. It really helps keep me motivated. I have myfitnesspal on my phone, too and the two apps are connected. Just did my first 10,000+ steps in a day....Yay!!!! The first day was like the first one six months ago when I first started trying to walk/run, I thought I was going to literally have a heart attack before I got up that one long, steep hill. Today, the third day, each time I did it just got easier and by the last lap, I was running. So, tickled with myself and hoping this progress shows up on the scales. I've been eating under recommended calories but I can't seem to balance out the numbers otherwise. They want at least 50% of my calories from carbs and the fruits and veggies I'm trying to use since I'm still wary of bread and wheat, just don't have that many calories. Today was the first time that I came close to meeting all three goals on the nose, carbs, protein and fat and to meeting the calorie count but that last one was only because I splurged on my way back from Madisonville and had some of Steve's tortilla chips, lol.....yet another reason that I pushed myself to meet that 10,000 mark despite only having a few hours sleep last night. Going to do another bad thing because I'm fixing a salad for dinner so I can take my meds and then I'm hitting the sack. Still high from meeting that steps goal for the first time even though I'm tired. Actually went over by 278 and had 51 highly active/aerobic minutes!!! Yay, me!

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