Sunday, June 15, 2014

This morning, I was searching for wainscotting ideas and I came across this. This is what I want my small bath to look like. Not exactly like this, at least for now, since there is a shower in ours but no tub but I want a soft tan/warm gray on the walls and white wainscot of some sort. We already have the white tile. I'd considered getting a smaller tile than the foot squares we have but since we already have it, I think I will go with that. I'd planned at first to paint our existing cabinet (which is solid wood and custom made so no replacing that) black but after seeing this, I think I'll paint it and the wainscot the same white and find some nice antique or look antiqued, glass knobs. I plan on "painting" the existing shower white also and replacing the gold toned toilet with a new white one as well. Saw some cabinet top and sinks solid-all-in-ones at Home Depot that I really liked, looked like soapstone. I think that would look nice. Already have a fantastic light fixture to go in there.... I'll try to get a photo of it posted soon. I'm considering doing a wall stencil, paisley pattern, tone on tone and very subtle on the wall area above the wainscot. I really like this look.

Like this idea for our long, narrow laundry room which is also the entry from the garage. It would make an excellent place to pull off and store mucky boots and hay covered jackets and we have a long wall on the opposite wall from the washer - dryer with nothing on it. I've already purchased some dark blue paint for that room but I could use it for the backing on the shelves and the top part of the opposite wall for just a touch of color. The opposite wall holds a laundry sink, washer-dryer and an old hoosier cabinet that the inside of the upper cabinet is already blue but I plan on updating it to the nice dark blue of the walls. I also have a multi colored but primarily blue runner rug and some lovely blue ticking fabric to make a valance for the window on that wall which I already have white wooden blinds for. I'm not certain about the flooring. I purchased white tile for that room, the pantry and kitchen years ago but we ran into a problem with the vinyl carpet that had been glued down when installed. We couldn't get it pulled up and my husband took a grinder to it which took up the carpet but also caused the asbestos in the rug to become airborne....very dangerous. So, that project stopped cold turkey many years ago and I've been living with a spotty floor since. But back to the tile, we have been discussing the possibility of installing linoleum tile instead. I've seen some great reviews about this new-old flooring and I'd love to do a white-tan checkerboard in those rooms. The results would be softer on easier on my feet and legs as well as anything I happen to drop. 

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